4 Things I Regret

Regretting is a stupid thing to do as you can’t fix your past. Just focus on the future. However, that’s what life is about. Isn’t it? Making mistakes and learning lessons.

I’m 19 and sometimes I spend days thinking about what I could have done instead of a specific mistake. I may feel very anxious as I feel like everybody knows everything about each step I took when in reality they don’t. Every single person is anxious in its way because of a mistake they have done. However, here are 4 things I regret most:

1.Not keeping in touch with people

Everybody is so busy making their own life that forget to keep in touch with people. I personally let go of so many people just by being non existent in their life. It’s so easy just so send a “Hey” on Facebook.

2.Should have started sooner

Everything that is together today could have already been long ago if I started sooner. I shouldn’t feel any sort of regret about this. Somebody wise told me that I should try everything in my sight (NOT illegal, lol) while still young. Test my waters, I have nothing to lose.


3.Caring too much

Just if I could be treated the way I want to treat people. I always use all of my energy on stuff I shouldn’t. Doesn’t it hurt trying to keep somebody close but no matter what you do they keep fading away as they don’t want to stay?

4.Not spending enough time with loved ones

Don’t take things for granted. I literally know so many people doing that, even myself. Most people take for granted family which is the most important. They are the only people that support anything you do. You grow up but your parents are growing old, your sibilings are growing along with you and making their own family. You won’t live together forever.


Being taken for granted can be a compliment. It means that you’ve become a comfortable, trusted element in another person’s life. 

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36 thoughts on “4 Things I Regret

  1. Great post Vlad. All of these are so very true. We believe we need to remind ourselves of these point every morning and life is going to much more better. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I regret not learning to drive sooner. I get what you’re saying about keeping in touch, but honestly it gets really difficult to stay in touch with everyone as you get older, and in the end you just mostly stick with the important ones – at least, that’s my experience.

  3. Great Post. I have often thought of doing a post based on my regrets but it would just be too long :-). At 57 I look back on my life and it could have been so different – not that my life is bad – but it just could have been different. I try to instill that in my children – don’t be afraid to do things and cease every opportunity presented to you .

  4. Great advices. sometimes is hard to keep in touch with everyone thou , at least for me it was! Same goes with caring, I care I cant stop that is part of me, of who I am

  5. Vlad, I loved this post! It is so true that you feel those regrets so deeply when you feel like you should have done something different or been a better friend/relative. I think I can’t help a lot of things in life but I can help the way I treat others.

  6. I found myself nodding throughout so much of your post because its true there are times where I have lost friendships because I didn’t pick up the phone and message. Of course relationships are hard to maintain when you lose the bond and connection so sometimes they die out for the reason. But one thing is for certain live life without regrets because life is too short to stay in the past 🙂 x

  7. Good thoughts 🙂 Everyone has regrets, and as you say, they are mistakes that we learn from. I think it is a blessing to realize things when you’re younger, then you can change things in the future. Thanks for your pieces of inspiration!

  8. There are pluses and minuses with what you say especially with caring. With caring, you tend to forget about yourself and care about others first.

  9. Really touching stuff-It’s so hard not to dwell on regrets, but it seems that you are using them in such a positive way and have learned from them! Thanks for the insight!

  10. I think everyone makes mistakes but I think the difference is if you regret making the mistake it wasn’t a proper learning experience. If you dont regret then you have truly learned what you did wrong and what not to do the next time. While I have made many mistakes some small some big I don’t regret any of them because without those mistakes I wouldn’t be where I am today.

  11. We all make mistakes, so I don’t regret anything that happened because everything happens for a reason. We should learn from our past but never carry them forward into the future! Thanks for sharing such a wise post! 🙂

  12. Definitely agree with number 2! Whenever it comes to an interview, an exam, fitness – anything really – I’m always telling myself “should have started sooner!”. This has inspired me to do something useful today 🙂

  13. Everyone has regrets whether they admit them or not, its just human nature I don’t think that what we have now could have been started sooner though as it is often down to choices we make that make us who we are now and do what we do. If things had been different you wouldn’t be the person you are today. I failed an exam at uni and always think I should have studied harder but if I had my son would not be here now.

  14. You’re so right – We can’t change the past so there’s no point worrying about it and we can’t predict the future either as life as we expect it can change in an instant! Enjoy this very moment in your life as it is your opportunity to learn lessons from both your successes and your mistakes which will make you grow even stronger. It’s amazing that you have the knowledge you have already!

  15. Words of wisdom from someone so young. How fortunate you are to have learned these critical life lessons at the age of 19. Remember them always to serve as your beacon and instill in your children some day.

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