4 Things I Regret

Regretting is a stupid thing to do as you can’t fix your past. Just focus on the future. However, that’s what life is about. Isn’t it? Making mistakes and learning lessons.

I’m 19 and sometimes I spend days thinking about what I could have done instead of a specific mistake. I may feel very anxious as I feel like everybody knows everything about each step I took when in reality they don’t. Every single person is anxious in its way because of a mistake they have done. However, here are 4 things I regret most:

1.Not keeping in touch with people

Everybody is so busy making their own life that forget to keep in touch with people. I personally let go of so many people just by being non existent in their life. It’s so easy just so send a “Hey” on Facebook.

2.Should have started sooner

Everything that is together today could have already been long ago if I started sooner. I shouldn’t feel any sort of regret about this. Somebody wise told me that I should try everything in my sight (NOT illegal, lol) while still young. Test my waters, I have nothing to lose.


3.Caring too much

Just if I could be treated the way I want to treat people. I always use all of my energy on stuff I shouldn’t. Doesn’t it hurt trying to keep somebody close but no matter what you do they keep fading away as they don’t want to stay?

4.Not spending enough time with loved ones

Don’t take things for granted. I literally know so many people doing that, even myself. Most people take for granted family which is the most important. They are the only people that support anything you do. You grow up but your parents are growing old, your sibilings are growing along with you and making their own family. You won’t live together forever.


Being taken for granted can be a compliment. It means that you’ve become a comfortable, trusted element in another person’s life. 

Take care,