How To Get Inspiration To Study

Studying can be a tough and stressful process if you have no passion for what you are studying for. However the tough it is the more it’s worth it. I don’t think you have to lose your sanity to study something and no matter how tough it is, you can make it more fun and enjoyable. Here are a few ways on how to make studying a more enjoyable process:

— Set goals

Let’s just say you have to study 60 pages. Set goals. Don’t read those 60 pages everyday and most importantly don’t focus on all of them. Focus on 1-3 pages a day and make a summary after studying them. You will get to express what you studied and information will be easily stored.

— Change the environment

Environment plays such a big role when studying. Try to study in a quiet place you feel comfortable in. When you are comfortable you can focus at the maximum level. Maybe at a library, a desk which has a nice view in front, your favorite coffee shop or your garden (park, if you live in an apartment)


— Treat yourself

Always treat yourself when you are making efforts. This keeps you sane and focused. Whether it’s going to the cinema after studying, going to Starbucks for your favorite coffee or hanging out with a friend. Studying has efforts made everyday and you only see the result after you get the exam results. However, efforts must be rewarded and because until the exam time you have weeks left, you gotta treat yourself.

— Make it interactive

Use the studying material in your favor. Underline and highlight key words with colorful markers and do quizzes. Everybody likes quizzes. Break the monotony and enjoy studying by tricking your brain. If you study for a subject, add material that can help you remember important facts, like pictures or flash cards.

— Role-playing

After a study session, imagine yourself as a teacher. Imagine that you are explaining somebody what you have studied or ask a friend to help you, by listening what you are saying.

— Take breaks

Long study sessions are not more effective than short and frequent ones. Your brain is like a muscle. You have to let it rest and process the information before you start studying again. Studies show that 45 minutes of intense focus is enough before you can take a 10-20 minutes break.

Ps. Good luck on your exam! Rooting for you!

Take care,