How Photography Can Change Your Life

I’ve always enjoyed to take photos. Is it weird that I wanna be in the pictures as much as I want to take pictures? Taking pictures can improve your life in so many ways that you can’t even think about. Remembering moments, being creative, challenging yourself while editing and so on!

Here are 5 ways on how it changed my life:

— Revealed myself

Click by click, picture by picture I kept revealing myself. I could make other people be what I am not…guilt free. Everytime I would take a picture I could find out a lot of stuff about myself judging by how I ask people to sit in pictures or what I focus the camera on when taking landscapes.

— Appreciating the little things

You don’t need to pay a fortune to go to Everest for a good picture. By taking pictures I learned to appreciate the little things I have in my life by relating it to photography. As a photographer you know that everything around can be valuable enough for an artistic photo… just like in your life. If there is no way to take a picture of a mountain just with a bin in the frame the only thing left doing is focusing the camera on the mountain self. Same goes with your life. Focus on the good things even if bad ones are in the frame.


— Expressing myself

By taking photos I learned a new way to express how I feel and with it the ability to get over bad things much faster. Taking photos makes me feel good because I can translate my emotions through photography thus creating meaningful and story telling pictures you can connect with.

— Exploring

I always wanted to get something different in each picture which meant that I had to explore my city or other countries I traveled in. It gave me motivation to look for something new.

— Making myself and others feel good

Have you noticed that whenever you point the camera to somebody they try to be the best version of themselves? I always tell people that they don’t need to fake a facial express or position to show their beauty. I had a couple of friends I used as “cobaye” for my pictures and I always told them to relax and sit in their natural position which if you ask me it always looked better than what they tried before.



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28 thoughts on “How Photography Can Change Your Life

  1. Vlad I just have found your blog. I love it.
    I’ve started my blog and photographing a few weeks back. I agree with you on so many things.
    I feel like the beauty of simple things has just been revealed to me through the camera lense.
    I am so grateful for this new adventure.
    Cheers to you.
    Lets follow each other!

  2. I saw the first photo and I was thinking this is really good. The second one was better… and then BLACK and WHITE! I really have a thing for B/W photos.

    I agree with you that in taking photos, it is an expression of yourself no matter if you are taking photos of other people. It is something you love to do and for casual photographers, sometimes that idea itself is hard to understand.

  3. I think that we can make the world better through out photos. It’s not just about the directed photos but more about the daily snapshots. I like to take a peak into other people’s life and catch a glimpse of it though my lens. I find this kind of photography fascinating, as it can describe a nation, a culture, a time frame.

  4. Photography is such a beautiful thing. I just recently started to get more in depth into learning about all the aspects of it. It’s a great form of expression and to capture moments and memories that we will be thankful for! And no, it’s not weird that you love being in the photos 🙂

  5. I love photography! it IS a great way to express yourself in a form of art! Glad you have such an appreciation and passion for photography!

  6. What a beautiful post, I feel the exact same way but through fiction writing so it’s nice to know that someone is feeling the same way through their creative output.

  7. I consider taking photos a form of art. It’s a great way to express yourself and to explore the world around you. And you are so right, when people are not posing, but they are relaxed and in their natural position, the result is always better and more interesting. Great photos in your post, by the way. 🙂

  8. I like how you talk about your pictures. i think pictures really connect with emotions and I am still learning how to do it well. But when I see a good picture I stay inspired by the art of photos.

  9. Loved this post. I decided to pursue my passion for photography in high school and it completely changed how I looked at the world around me. Now i don’t go anywhere without a camera because you can create so many incredible memories through a quick photo.

  10. Greetings Vlad Vaida!

    I love this post! Thanks so much for sharing it, and as always, the photos are incredible! You are so right. Being a person who has ever loved photography, I’ve discovered how it can not only brighten my world, but also it intensifies the world of others who view my photos.

    I laughed at how people present their BEST SELF when the camera turns their way! I’m the same way, too! With a camera in my hands, I am able to capture posterity! At the moment, I have two cameras! Well, three! I forgot the one on my cell! They are equally as mighty as my laptop or my pen!

    Cheers for a lens!


  11. I love snapping pictures too, and this has become one of my de stressing habits lately. My affinity to photography has led to a realisation that I have a creative side after all, haha!

    You may want to check (and follow each other) my Instagram account- @ASKSonnie to see some of the photos I took w/ my smartphone

  12. We have been taking photos ever since we started travelling. For us photos are the memories of what we did, places visited and time spent. And for others, they depict our travel stories and our experiences. And definitely its all about appreciating the good things minus the bad. 😉

  13. I have always enjoyed taking photos, as well. My preferred subject is nature or landscapes, but I do enjoy photographing other subjects, as well. However, I am rarely in any photos. I feel that I am not a photographic person and I shy away from being photographed.

  14. I love your insights on photography!! I have to say photography changed my life too. I make sure that I takr good photos every now and then ever since I started blogging!

  15. I love photography. I take pictures of everything and it’s usually the unplanned ones that come out the best. Pictures are how I chronicle my life. Looking at old pictures takes me back to that specific place and time. I get a specific feeling and it’s like I am back there. Love your blog!

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