New Snapchat Features

OMG! Your day is about to be the best. Snapchat has enrolled new features that will help you procrastinate even more. Well.. yeah. t

Whenever I’m bored I just lay in bed, turn on Snapchat and watch my face while scrolling through the face filters which later I found out they are called “lenses”.

I love Snapchat and I really wanted to make a quick blog post to show you what they added!

They have added 2 new features which they are:

  1. You can now pin emojis in a video and it will basically “come to life” and follow things. Let me just show you, if I want to shake my head but I want an emoji pair of glasses… I can. Isn’t this a lifesaver option?


2. Swapping Faces With A Camera Roll Picture

Have you ever wanted to swap faces with anybody on the planet without having to meet them? Well now on Snapchat you can swap faces with other faces on your camera roll!

Photo Apr 24, 6 27 12 PM

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Are you using Snapchat? If so, how do you use it? Are you using those special features?