4 Ways To Wake Up Happier

Ah! I wanna to stay home today. *hits snooze*
10 minutes later, even more tired than when I first woke up… I just hate my life. Why can’t I be 5 and sleep all day?

Life is so hectic… everyday we try to be the best version of ourselves, we are stressed about everything, we do work.. and we wake up early.
Who can even keep up with this crazy lifestyle? We just get burn out at the end of the day.
Sometimes our day is predicted by how we wake up and this is why it’s important to wake up happy and hopeful!


Here are 4 ways on how to wake up happier:

1. Coffee and snacks

Don’t drink coffee in the evening because caffeine is still in your system and even if it has life 3-5 hours, the effects last up to 10-14 hours! Same goes with snacks, don’t eat 3 hours before bed because digestion takes up to 6 hours and your body won’t be able to relax and sleep well.

2. Snooze button

I could be the king at hitting the snooze button and every time it has the same effect. I wake up even more exhausted than 10 minutes before. However, one time I just woke up without hitting snooze and in a few minutes (10-20) I was fresh than ever!

3. Social media

Stay off social media before falling asleep and after waking up. I practiced last night and this morning. Guess what? It worked very well. I was able to fall asleep before midnight hit and I woke up very relaxed without even caring about my phone. Why? Because social media is full of unnecessary information that your brain has to process. Would you study all day for an exam you just passed?

4. Listen to music

Play your favorite playlist in the morning because it will make you feel better about yourself. Music is good because makes you remember the good parts about life which will do just amazing stuff in your morning routine as your endorphines (happy hormones) will be boosted.

What are your ways to wake up happier? Share your secrets in the comments below! 🙂

Take care,