How To Keep Your Life Fresh

Hmmm, wait? So wasn’t the New Year’s Eve like a week ago? I can remember every second of that day. As I always say, life is so hectic that we often consume ourselves on things that are not worth it. On 1st of January, we set goals and on 31 December we remember them… some of you and even I get sort of sad and ask ourselves, “why didn’t I start sooner?“, which is also one of my regrets. It’s so important to keep your life fresh to be able to stay sane. 

Here are 3 ways on how to do it:

—Meet new people

Bring new vibes in your life, it will do wonders. Volunteer, socialize while in vacation with other people, socialize in your favorite coffee shop (just don’t freak other people out, hahaha). You may get lifelong friends through this way and even if you don’t, it’s still worth it! New vibes are always good because they may offer you a new perspective on life.


—Start something and finish it

I always tell people NOT to focus on the big picture since the beginning but on small goals. This way you will be able to build your confidence step by step. If you started a blog, don’t focus on reaching 1 million subscribers by the next month. Focus on creating good content and reaching 100 followers, then 200… and so on!

—Experiences not possessions

Do what you wanna do! We all focus on our possessions thinking that somebody cares but truth is, they don’t. Visit what you always wanted to when you get the chance. Go biking with your family. You won’t only feel better but your inspiration, positivity and creativity will also be boosted.

Take care,