How To Start A Healthy Lifestyle Now

You are probably very excited and pumped about your decision… not saying you don’t have a reason but it will be tough because it’s a commitment which is meant to be kept even when you don’t feel like. However, it’s worth it. You will feel overall better. Your mood and energy will be boosted as well.

Your are not supposed to follow anybody because you are healthy in your own way! You may not be able to do vegan but you may do vegetarian or carnivore.

Here are 3 steps on starting a healthy lifestyle now:

1.Set small goals

What’s the big picture? What do you imagine yourself like in the next 3 months? Write down the long-term goals and short-term ones which will keep you on track. Don’t forget to set attainable goals. After achieving goals (long-term or short-term) reward yourself. Whether it’s splurging on workout gear shopping or a massage. What makes you happy.

2. Just do it

You are able to choose your path. BELIEVE in yourself. You are not supposed to get an expensive gym membership or run 3 hours a day everyday from now on. Focus on the small yet effective changes in your lifestyle. If you want to cut down on sugar, stop using it in coffee, stop buying sugary products and so on. Restock your fridge.


3.Move more

As I said, you are not supposed to get a gym membership if you want to start a healthy lifestyle. Start walking more and this way not only you get in better shape but you also get to see other sights of your city you probably haven’t seen before… and new pictures for your Instagram as well. Also, you can climb the stairs more often too, it does help.


Take care,