6 Ways To Spend Your Weekend Alone

Ahhh! It’s the weekend! The best time of the week is around the corner…except if you have weekend shifts. In this case, I root for you! Ooops, just hold on. It may be the weekend but I’m an introvert and have no idea how to enjoy my weekend alone. Don’t worry. Being an introvert it’s so great as there are great ways to enjoy your time without anybody around you.

Here are 6:

1.Get inspired

It’s time to recharge your batteries while getting inspired and motivated for the next week. We consume our energy on a lot of worthless stuff we have no control over so weekend is the best time to go out for a long walk while listening your favorite playlist. Your can also take fantastic pictures whether you are walking around the city or nature. Your inspiration will literally be flowing that resulting in you being more relaxed and creative!

2.Entertain yourself

Disconnect yourself from the real world and connect to your own. Do what you love. Go shopping (sometimes I just walk through the shops and just look over), go to a movie or check to see if there are any cool events you would love to attend near you. You can also just sit home and watch Netflix. ❤


3.Boost your self-esteem

How many times have you promised yourself that you will workout and you actually did it? ‘Tis the weekend you will boost your self-esteem and walk your way through work on Monday like a train hit you…because of the DOMS (fyi: the muscle soreness).

4.Try something new

Try something new every weekend! This should be one of your goals. Try a new coffee shop, go to a new restaurant, walk on the part of the city you never did. Do something random (and new) that crosses your mind right now!

5.Sit in bed all day

Just as it sounds. This week has probably been hectic so you deserve to sit in bed all day, binge watch all the TV shows or movies that you like, getting some pizza because it’s the weekend.


6.Clean your room

Clean and organize your stuff because you will feel way more better as you stay in a clean place. Your energy will boost, motivation and creativity as well!