How To Get Over A Panic Attack

Panic attacks are such a hassle because they hurt your productivity or well-being through the day. Maybe we should just quit having them…? Well that sounds easy while writing it.. you cannot not have it. What’s left doing is preventing it or riding it while acknowledging the effects of it.

Here are some stuff that will help you understand what is happening with your mind and body in those moments, spoiler alert, it’s all in your mind.

Understand what is happening

Your mind is playing tricks on you. You are afraid, stressed as well, so you have a more sensitive nervous system. You feel vulnerable and anxious so you overestimate the danger (most of the time a non-existent danger).

Your body also releases adrenaline and noradrenaline to prepare yourself to run and fight with that danger you created in your mind.


Let it happen.

Relax your whole body, don’t leave your muscles tensed. Just breathe and try to think logical.

Live in the present.

Most of the time people get panic attacks over something that they think it will happen in the future or something that happened in the past.

During a panic attack your body and mind is trying to fight something that doesn’t exist. You, your mind and probably the whole humanity, tends to be perfect. While having a panic attack your brain overestimates any problem because subconsciously you want to be perfect… and your brain does the job very well. It alarms your whole body trying to make you do the work needed to become “perfect”. That seems like a great plan but you can’t as you are not panicked over the present.. you are panicked over the future or the past.

Understanding the effects of something might help you reduce the sensations of panic. However, if this becomes a regular thing, you might want to visit your doctor.

Take care,