3 Ways To Get Rid Of Self-Criticism And Be Positive

So many times you get self-conscious about yourself, you insult yourself or you may just dislike yourself. This attitude won’t let you be positive or be happy and that’s why you should try to get rid of it ASAP!

Exercising time, when you feel like criticising yourself or anybody else again, imagine yourself as if you are driving and you MUST stop at the red light.

However, here are 3 other ways on how to get rid of self-criticism.

1.Move more, workout

I always say this, I will always say it! Working out is great because not only you get stronger but you become more comfortable with yourself as you feel like you are doing something right and it also makes you feel more worthy. Not only that but your body also releases endorphins which are the hormones that make you happy!

2.Choose to be happy

Yes, you can! No matter how much you think happiness depend on different factors, it’s not true. You can be happy ANYTIME! Detach yourself from the world and surroundings and induce happiness. You can also surround yourself with positive people so you get good vibes you can connect with!


3.Celebrate small victories

Why would you wait a week, a month or even a year to take some time off to feel good and celebrate? The power of gratitude is wonderful! Be thankful for who you are and what you are doing and think about all the stuff that make you feel good! You don’t need anybody to feel good about yourself, you are great enough! ❤

Self-criticism is good to make you motivated to get better and so on but you should never make yourself feel bad with it! You should know that it’s possible for you to get better, if you want to. Also, there is ALWAYS space for “better” so you would have a never-ending process. Be happy with where you are and don’t beat yourself up just because you aren’t on top, nobody is anyway.

Take care,