Celebrity Style Love: Zayn Malik

Written by Peter:


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Who would’ve thought we’d ever be style crushing on any of the One Direction guys, right? But, here we are, absolutely obsessed with these guys’ amazing fashion senses, so – why not talk about them!

The dark, gorgeous and super talented Zayn is probably one of the most talked about young celebrities lately, very much so for the relatively new relationship with the hot model Gigi Hadid and the “Pillowtalk” hit that’s managed to make even the hardest of hearts melt. And then, obviously – there’s the style.

We’ve watched Zayn evolve and grow up before our own eyes, and – in all honesty – we’re happy with the result.

Let’s pin point the reasons why we love Malik’s style so much and maybe even learn something from it.

He takes risks with accessorize

He takes risks with accessorize.jpg

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Whether it’s walking the red carpet, performing or just dressing up for a dinner with his friends or Gigi, Malik never seizes to amaze; in an all-black-ensemble for the Awards, he’ll wear a golden broche instead of a handkerchief, he’ll upgrade the simple jean-shirt combo with a platform shoe or a graphic print or floral bomber jacket, he’ll unapologetically combine brown and black, or – he’ll simply get a face tattoo (not that we are approving of the last one). You never know with Zayn, but it’s always super interesting and hot!

He can go either way

He can go either way.jpg

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Zayn’s advantage in this style game is that:

  1. he is slim,
  2. he knows he is killing it,
  3. he is fashion-aware.

These three are pretty much a base for anyone who is trying to become (or simply is) a style icon.

Malik is known not to stick to just one fashion direction; rather, we’ve seen him in monochrome which he rocked amazingly (a simple custom shirt in either black or white, combined with an all-black suit looks perfect on this hot young man) but we’ve also seen him all layered up and colorful. When Zayn’s suited up, he’s often opting for a 6 or 12 button down blazer rather than a 2 button one, because – style.

We’ve adored him in his college phase (back in the day when he was still an X factor favorite), but then – we’ve fast-forwarded the style evolution to 2012, and Zayn’s gone from boy to man at lightning speed. It was clear then and there that Zayn will be the first of all the 1D boys to become our style crush with his escalating blonde streak, the edgy jewelry on the wrists and neck, as well as that wrist tattoo which was clearly foreshadowing his future inked-up self.

He is a bad boy

He is a bad boy.jpg

Photo by j-14.com

…and we can’t resist a bad boy now, can we?
Bearing more edge than some of his pop peers, Zayn showed us he’s a bad boy from the very start with a white shirt and a leather jacket combined with the nose piercing and his already mentioned tattoos. Obviously, he confirmed the bad boy carelessness with his perfectly mastered layered up style (around 2014 and 2015) – at the time, this look was so ahead of its time that, from this point, we can absolutely say Zayn’s a true fashion visionary. Oh and, he also sported a beanie (which is now a trend) then, and it was a total winner as much as his overall style.

He doesn’t care about the hair

He doesn’t care about the hair

Photo by enstarz.com

That is, he doesn’t care how much of it will be left! Since the very start of his visibility in the pop world, he’s been switching it up hairstyles from full-volume waves, sleek back styles, the pink, the blonde, the no-hair… and each time he’s looked spectacular.

Moral of the story? Vibe out the I-don’t-care-vibe but care so much you’ll ultimately faint. Just kidding. Be yourself, and rock the trend that suits your personality – that’s when you’ll look and feel amazing!

About the author:

Peter is lifestyle writer at Shlur magazine from UK, living in London and occasionally in Brisbane, Australia! Beside writing he worked as a menswear fashion stylist for many fashion events around UK & AUS! His future plans are in creating a business for beauty and style advising.