How I Am Recovering From Blogging Burnout

Oh man, how great it was a few weeks ago when ideas were flowing and I was constantly creating content, from photos to blog posts. It was great… but now, I gotta live through blogging burnout.

Blogging is such a great outlet to express my thoughts and a great rewarding career as well. Despite that, you can hit a rock bottom.

You know you did when you are just not really motivated to write, take pictures, you are a little bit tired as well. Your mind just won’t focus. You are frozen, like my android is sometimes when I switch between apps. You may get ideas for blog posts but you just don’t get enough energy, motivation or inspiration to write.

I am in this position myself right now and not only that but I feel uncomfortable as well as my house is under some renovations and I can’t do my work in my room where I feel inspired. Here is what I am trying to do at the moment that seems to be working as I feel inspired and motivated again:


Re-creating goals. Why did you start blogging? What are your goals?

Make sure you try to do what you gotta do to achieve those goals by focusing on the quality. Creating high quality pictures, developing topics that correlate with your goals.

My blogging space since a week, an empty room and a cool shirt.

Shirt: The Mountain , Laptop Case: CaseApp (You get 20% off using the code VLAD20 at checkout).

—Getting inspired

Pay attention to your source of inspiration. Inspiration exists anywhere but each person is inspired by different things. Read your favorite blogs that you like and feel inspired by, get strength from people who inspire you, friend, parents etc. You could also spend more time offline than online as your mind can get refreshed in a better way while going for a walk, a hike or a gym session.

—Be productive by doing something else

Take a short break (a week or so) from blogging, yes your readers might notice but you don’t have any other option. You also have the option to allow guest posts. While being on your break you can be productive on your other side of life. For example, I studied a lot more on days I haven’t posted on here. If you are productive, you feel good, you feel inspired. Your mind is able to breathe so you might get back in the creativity mode in probably less than a week.

Take care,