You Know You Are A Blogger When…

I’ve been hanging out with 2 friends these past couple of days and I’ve realized that I’m weird… and a blogger. Sociologically, bloggers are a part of a blogging community which isn’t an official one but we have our own rules and behaviours which can be tad different from our fellow friends.


You know you are a blogger when…

We try to make everything look aesthetic enough so we can take a photo of it. Coffee date? Sounds like a great opportunity to arrange the table for a picture to match our Instagram theme.

—Pictures and videos now, living the moment later (if there is anything left). Whenever I travel I often think about what I will write, what pictures shall I take or videos, to match my blog post. I’m basically planning in my mind what is happening right now… instead of, well, instead of living what it’s actually happening.

—When something goes wrong I shall not repair it so I can take a photo, maybe a video or hey, make a blog post about it. #AccidentallyDroppedMyCoffee #StaffIsMad #HelpImAnIntrovert

—Your phone’s Notes App is full of blog ideas or you carry a notebook everywhere.

—When somebody asks how you’ve been, you are wondering if they read your blog… or if they do it secretly.

You constantly check your stats… and also, don’t even get me started how annoying it is when you have a good blog post, you check grammar of it 10 times before posting but it gets a low view count.



Take care,