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What Is Shark Week And Why Are People Excited About It

Woho! Shark Week returns on Discovery Channel on June 26 8/7c!

But hold on! What is it? It’s an annual week-long show dedicated to sharks. Yes. You heard that right. Shark Week has been an actual thing since 1988 however now it’s aired in 72 different countries! 

*Here is me trying to make a visual representation that the show is on TV* LOL


Why are people excited about it? People are excited about it because Shark Week unites the whole squad (or family) in front of TV while enjoying some drinks or good ol’ snacks. It’s like Christmas, except nobody gets presents. :/

Have you ever woke up on a Monday with the thought “Oh, when I come home today I will____ (watch Netflix, sleep, go hiking). People tried to comfort themselves and trick their brains so they can go through the day without getting depressed. That’s why people are excited for Shark Week. It’s like a holiday. You get to just sit in front of TV along with your family and enjoy yourselves while watching something educational.

People are also excited about it because Shark Week is filled with interesting stuff you may not see on every documentary. Our “human peers” just love to explore the unknown, even if it’s just on TV. Yes, you can learn way more new stuff by reading but people love the easy and comfortable way so watching TV it is, it involves the least amount of reading.

Did you know about this show? If not, would you watch it? 🙂


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Take care,


*This post is NOT sponsored by Discovery. Thank you The Mountain for the shirts.


16 comments on “What Is Shark Week And Why Are People Excited About It

  1. Im not familiar with shark with and thank you for informing us! Though it looks scary would still want to see them live. By the way I love your shirt 🙂


  2. I had no idea that shark week existed, loving the tee. I do like watching documentaries so I might check out Shark Week.


  3. I have never watched Shark Week and probably never will. I guess I’m an a party pooper on this one, but hey, I am loving your shirt and your enthusiasm for the great Shark Week! You are cracking me up! Much love Vlad!


  4. Dreammerin

    I don’t watch TV at all 😉 But it must be a lot of fun! Coooool outfit and all photos!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Never thought that there’s something like this but yeah, it’s a great family bonding.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. So there’re people who still watch TV? But whatever brings families together at least once a week is good 🙂


  7. I don’t watch TV at all… since probably 10 years now. It’s fun to see how a family gets together and watches a fun program though 🙂


  8. It’s been a few years since I’ve watched shark week, but I used to get really excited about it! The episodes I found most fascinating were the Air Jaws special and survivors of shark attack stories.


  9. SofarsoSabine

    I had never heard about shark week. Must be fun and how cool is your t-shirt 🙂 I need one!

    Sabine | http://www.sofarsosabine.com


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