How To Prepare For Your First International Flight

Oh wow! The first international flight is the one you will remember for quite some time. I am 19 now and I had mine at 18. Oh and I was totally alone flying over the continent (my cousin picked me up in London though). It’s such an overwhelming situation especially because you’ve never been out of country, not to mention with the plane. Around the time I had my flight planned  (8 April 2015) a planed crashed in France, so no lie I was quite nervous.

However, here is how I prepared for my trip.

Setting up international roaming

I was told that roaming activates itself once I arrive in a foreign country, however, it did not! I mean, it did activate but it was not properly set up. I had no idea how to do it and I could NOT contact anybody so I just sat and walked in the airport looking for a phone. In the end, the public phones were not working at that time so I asked somebody to let me call my cousin and turns out she was 20 metres away from me. Woho. But please, make sure you set up your roaming before leaving and if you are told it activates automatically, make sure it’s set up properly.

Plane tickets, passport and money

I had 2 copies of the same plane ticket which I stored in my backpack, in case I lose the one I intend to use, you know, because of the emotions of flying for the first time. 😂

Make sure you are ready to pay cash. I didn’t expect that I had to use a lot of coins in England however I was ready.

Keep the documents like your ID, passport, money, etc. in your backpack. Don’t leave them in your baggage. Some baggages get lost and never found again.

Ps. Check the airline you’re flying with what objects are forbidden to have on board.


Arrive 2-3 hours before departure

You may not know all the procedures so it’s highly recommended to show up 2-3 hours before departure time as so many times there are a lot of people so if you get delayed at the security checks or baggage screening you may end up another 10-20 minutes in line and you can lose your flight.

Try not to be the last one in the plane

This way you will be able to locate your seat more easily and have more space for your backpack.

How to relieve ear pressure you may get while flying?

Simple. You can yawn. Chew gum. Swallow your saliva (especially while the plane takes off). Inahle and gently exhale while keeping your mouth and nostrilis shut (like when you hold your nose and close your mouth when getting under water).

Photo: SnapStock

Wear comfortable clothes

Wear loose clothes you feel comfortable in because you’ll have to sit for a couple of hours in a chair so restricting your body which is trying to move is not ok neither for your physical or mental well being.

Have you experienced your first international flight? If so, where have you traveled to? If you didn’t, where would you like to travel to?

Take care,