5 Acne Treatment Mistakes You Are Doing

Acne is pretty annoying because it causes low self-esteem and confidence plus getting rid of it can be a though and lengthy process. Most of us suffer of acne because of hormonal reactions that happen in our body. Even diet can affect it because our hormones are influenced by it.

I feel like I suffer of acne ever since I hit puberty. Since then I tried a lot of different treatments which opened my eyes and I realized I’ve been doing some mistakes along the way.

#1 Using less or over using a acne medication

We all want quick results but I have done the mistake of over-using the cream in hope my acne will disappear faster. However, sometimes I under-used it as of I thought I can get the results wanted and not feel like wasting the cream.

#2 Quitting the treatment after acne clears up

Great how I’ve been consistently using the cream for over a month but once I saw the results I quit using it, a month later, acne hits again. I’ve realized I really shall continue using at least one product after it clears up to prevent it pop up again.

#3 Not shaving the face properly (for men)

While I’m taking a acne treatment, I can diminish the effects by not shaving properly. However, what you can do is, shave after a shower as the pores of the skin become open, apply a moisturizer so the razor goes smoothly and of course, make sure you are NOT shaving against the grain! At the end, you can use after-shave, I recommend you a free alcohol one.

#4 Over scrubbing the face

Make sure you don’t over scrub your face. Acne is not necessarily caused by dirt because your body has dirtier parts(ex: feet) that don’t have acne. However, make sure you wash your hands before you wash your face.

#5 Popping pimples

That seems like such a great idea. LET’S DO IT.

WRONG! Don’t do it kids! Just don’t.

Product I use and recommend: La Roche-Posay

This is not sponsored, it’s just me yapping about it.

This product is fragrance-free, it is also medicated with gold standard anti-acne benzoyl peroxide. I can see effects within a few days of using and it does not irritate my skin even if I use it daily (sometimes twice a day).



*This is NOT sponsored by La Roche-Posay.