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On the contemporary society, the phone is a major tool used for basically managing our whole life. We get apps that are being used in specific ways and even I have a lot of apps however I still have a few apps that I refuse to delete yet never use. 80/20 rule anyone?

Still in today’s world, it’s so easy to feel down about yourself whenever you see those fancy people on Instagram and this is why I’m showing you 5 apps that make me and may make you feel better about yourself:

1. Spotify

You can listen to anything depending on your mood or goals in that moment. For example, I couldn’t really focus that good on studying on a day so I went to Spotify, looked up for Focus music and boom! It was there! And it worked. iOS/Android

2. Snapchat

Nobody can fake it on Snapchat. You get to see the real life of people on here which will make you feel tad better comparing it with other social media channel. Follow me on Snapchat – itsvladvaida  iOS/Android


3. Headspace

This app basically teaches you how to meditate. It’s really helpful as it helps you relieve stress and feel more positive. I recommend you to try it in the morning and see how much of a difference it makes! 🙂 iOS/Android

4. Evernote

So many of my ideas are laying in there and the great part is that Evernote syncs with my computer. I can access it through multiple platforms which I believe it’s a genius idea. I get to express my ideas on the go and later I re-write them here for you. iOS/Android


5. Nike+ Training

I’m saying it in almost every blog post. Exercise boosts your endorphines aka happy feelings which results in a happy, motivated and inspired version of you. Using the Nike+ Training app I get to see my progress which will only motivate me to do more! iOS/Android
What’s your favorite app? And why?


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21 thoughts on “Feel Better About Yourself With These 5 Apps

  1. When I hear about new apps I want to check out later. I’ve heard about Headspace but never really gave it a try. I’ve never heard about Evernote. I have a lot of my fave apps…e.g. Instagram!

  2. These look like great apps. Apart from Snapchat and Evernote I have not really used the others. Somehow i love to stick to my Instagram Twitter Facebook/Messenger and Whatsapp

  3. Haha true, I often find myself in that situation. Perfect short list, music always boosts my confidence. Also I want to recommend Workout Trainer, it’s an awesome app for workouts at home. 🙂

  4. Evernote and HeadSpace are totally new apps for me. I didn’t quite get it what Evernote is about but headspace sounds interesting and useful for me as I need to calm down and have some quiet moments during the day to get more energy for the rest of the day.

  5. There are so many apps out there that will cater to your needs, and I really appreciate people doing these lists because you get to know more about these apps. I really like evernote, it’s been such a joy to have!

  6. Hi, Vlad. Great post on these apps. Headspace seems interesting. An app that helps you meditate? I have heard a lot of good stuff about evernote but I think you have to purchase it.

  7. It’s always great to find more Apps, although I’m not that familiar with some of those you listed here. I like the fact that Apps cover about almost everything in our daily life.

  8. Great list. I don’t get much time to use these apps although I do have Snapchat installed on my phone but I never use it.

  9. I’m going to try headspace, it sounds interesting to give it a try for a better start in the morning, why not?

  10. Hello, since you already enjoy using Evernote, I would like to introduce a newly released app, AwesomeClip! It is as useful as Evernote! Take a look, and download it seems interesting to you. I’ll leave the link for you: https://goo.gl/XHngZ2. Thanks!:)

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