6 Things I Learned At Electric Castle


2016 was my year! I finally got to enjoy myself to the fullest. I’ve been to a couple of festivals in my life however Electric Castle is something different yet good, if you are prepared. I mean, you might end up with some headaches if you are not ready. If you didn’t know, Electric Castle is a Transylvanian festival held on a castle’s domain. This year the line-up was amazing comparing it with last years, Skrillex, Bastille, Bring Me The Horizon and hundreds more.

However, as I was saying, each festival is different and you gotta prepare for each one in a different way. Here is a list of 6 things I learned at Electric Castle this year:


1. Making friends is easy just as in kindergarten

Festivals always bring people from all over the world and most of the time those people are only by themselves. You can always break the ice and start talking to anybody by asking where they are from or who their favorite singer is.


2. Keep your energy for the night

I’ve got there around 11 am and I started doing my thing by taking pictures, socialize and so on. By 4 pm I literally wanted to take a nap and the problem was I wasn’t able to as I was there only for the day. Later on I got to meet some fantastic bloggers from UK and US so I recharged my batteries by talking to them and feeling good. Hi to Musical Festival Wizard  and WeAreFullFat.


3. You might bump into celebrities

Remember when I said that festivals bring people from around the world together? Yeah. Celebrities are people as well and I had to chance to meet some famous Romanian singers. I noticed there were more by looking over the location or hashtags on Instagram.


4. Don’t dress too nice

Always make sure you check the forecast before going to a festival. If it’s too hot just dress normally but if it rains… get sum rubber boots and a rain cape, gurl. Mud on mud on mud on mud. Also keep in mind that it gets cold in the evening.



… Atleast people were enjoying themselves because they were ready unlike me.


5. Plan ahead

Getting to the festival is a bit of a hassle because Bontida is a region of Cluj which is around 18 miles away from the city. Make sure you allocate enough time for each day to get there and to get home as well. Also, don’t underestimate the number of attendants. You might end up in huge queues. You can leave the festival around 30 minutes or 1 hour early so you can get home without being trapped in those queues.



6. Charge your phone whenver you have the chance

I’ve had an external battery with me however there were charging stations. From what I’ve heard, don’t expect to charge your phone to 100% because you just can’t due to the amount of people wanting to charge their own phones as well. Try to save as much battery as you can. Just don’t snap all the time or check your Facebook every 5 minutes.


Overall, the festival itself was great. The minute after I went through security I noticed something you always notice at festivals. People laughing, sharing adventures and thoughts with each other. It’s just a great feeling. You feel free.

You feel like the world is split in two, the festival and the rest of the world.

Thanks Electric Castle for being so good with me! I’ll see you next year! <3



Would go like to go to a festival like Electric Castle? Let me know your thoughts on this festival on the comments below! <3

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21 thoughts on “6 Things I Learned At Electric Castle

  1. I agree – it’s easy to make friends at these type of festivals. I remember one in my college days in Lawrence, KS. Everyone just wanted to have a good time, so the people were very friendly and fun.

  2. This looks so much fun! I’m a Bastille fan, so I would have thoroughly enjoyed this. And a great way to make new friend, who would say no to that?

  3. I’ve never been to festival like this before and it I’m sure it’s a great way to meet people and just enjoy the summer weather. It’s good to have tips like this because newbies wouldn’t know what to expect! I’m glad you had a lot of fun!

  4. Electric festival sounds like a great event. Good to know that you could make friends and could also get a chance to spot some celebrities.

  5. Haven’t been to festivals for some time now! No mattter where a festival is organized, there will be rain and mud 😀 I live in Hungary but never heard of this Transylvanian festival.

  6. I’ll go to a festival next week so these tips are vrey helpful. It’s great that you had a chance meet other bloggers and had conversation with them. The Electric Castle looks awesome anyway!

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