‘I Forgot Who I Am’ – Here Is Your Solution

You lost yourself along the way? HAH! That’s totally fine. I mean, nothing in nature blossoms all year long.

We all get lost once in a while, really, life has ups and downs.

However, the bad may seem longer than the better, isn’t it? You feel like there is no escape from your life that you dislike, you feel controlled by toxic people… you feel dead. It’s pretty normal and I feel your pain, once in a while I feel like I’m living in the darkness, I feel like my life is incomplete and I just can’t even remember what makes me feel happy. It’s like I’m an empty shell.


Now don’t get me wrong, the last thing you would do when you feel this way is to search for “how to get better” blog posts. However, YOU NEED IT. You need an opinion from the outside because this is what you are missing off right now. I’ve been there and even if it doesn’t seem like it, you are really not thinking outside the box when in that state.

Here is how to claim yourself back by the next weekend:

 – Do something you enjoy

I know you feel like nothing is enjoyable however just do something different that sounds exciting. Go to a new restaurant, coffee shop, meet new people. It really works, trust me. 

  – Believe in yourself

If you don’t believe in yourself who do you expect to do it? The state you feel trapped in right now is not a dead end. Imagine your life like a flat street, walking is progressing in life and the state you find yourself in right now is you sitting on your butt thinking about how much long you still have to walk. Get up and start walking again. You will enjoy it again as well.


– Bye Felicia

Say buh-bye to toxic and fake people that are around you. You know the ‘friend’ that keeps calling you when they need help? Yeah. Say bye to them. You know those people that always makes you feel like crap whenever you meet with them? Yup. Those too. However, I know that sometimes ‘feeling like crap’ helps you progress as you will try to improve yourself but I’m not talking about that kind of ‘feeling like crap’, I’m talking about those people that make you feel depressed about everything in your life and they just can’t stop talking about their life without even asking them about it.

It’s that easy. You did not lose yourself, ‘yourself’ is probably taking a nap. Wake it up and there you go, you just found ‘yourself’. Now go out and enjoy life again.


Take care,


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