Fallen Off The Wagon – How To Get Back On Track

Every year before Christmas, there is a TV channel airing a different Christmas movie everyday until the great celebration, usually since 15 November. Oh well, this year that TV Channel said that they love Christmas so much they decided to air a different Christmas movie everyday, on the month of July, to celebrate the fact that we have 6 months until Christmas. This brings me to… we have less than 6 months left of this year which means we most probably forgot about our New Year resolutions or our goals. Maybe I wanted to kill it in the gym and follow my routine, create better content for my blog or just stay with my family more. No worries, I feel you and I really want to start chasing my goals again, together with you.

Here is a little list of ideas on how I plan to get back on track… and yes I used this list way before and I feel like it’s working:

#Start now

I’ve had some exams several weeks ago and before starting to study I always struggled but by implementing this rule of just starting to do it no matter I want to or not, I got the mindset I needed to enjoy studying, within 5 minutes. I’ve also struggled to write some new blog posts but I just started writing without any reason and my inspiration came very fast as well. Now you… ūüôā


#Make a plan

Write everything down. Write your goals, write the ways you can achieve them and then just do it. Write all the goals you had but haven’t achieved and make sure you add every single detail, this way you will most probably figure out how or where you’ve fallen so you can improve next time. Imagine¬†your goals as a puzzle, each step to achieve your goals, each piece of puzzle. One by one however there is always that one piece of puzzle you just can’t find, then just add any¬†other piece¬†and you will find the other piece of puzzle next time, eventually. Everything is in front of you, you just have to put it in order.

#Bye distractions

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Don’t say bye to¬†your sources of entertainment for long periods of time. If you have to study/workout for an hour, just remove those¬†distractions for that time only. Why would you say bye to something that keeps you entertained and relaxed? If you say bye to those distractions, even for a little time, you will even appreciate the time you are around them more because you realize how valuable they are for you.


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