It’s About Time For A Digital Detox

It feels so impossible to get rid of messages, emails and most importantly, social media. Even if you enjoy it, too much of a good thing can hurt mentally and even physically. We are constantly bombarded with information, pictures of my favorite singer’s lunch or dramas of friends that you see by scrolling your Facebook feed.

It’s pretty insane to think about 8 years ago nobody used the Internet as often as people do today or that people watched only one episode of a certain TV series per day. Remember when I said that too much of a good thing can hurt? Yes, well that’s the case as well. Internet and technology in general helps us achieve things faster. You don’t need to go to a library to find stuff about what does a fox say, you can google it. You don’t need to call each friend everyday and see what they do, you can just scroll your Facebook feed and you will find out by yourself.



Over the past couple of days a couple of friends have talked about Digital Detox, I’ve seen this term before but I didn’t look deep into it as I didn’t really care, except now, when I realized that, hey, it does sound interesting. However, digital detox doesn’t mean that you have to close your social media accounts but train yourself to use them less. When you should do try digital detox thingy? Right now or whenever you feel like technology has taken over your life. Do you remember what it feels like to unplug? Whenever you have to wait for 5-10 minutes, do you find yourself peaking on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook? If yes, then you should definitely try this digital detox. Did I mention I will try it as well?

How to start a digital detox?

Make a plan. Always make a plan. You don’t have to quit social media for days. Social media could be your #1 source of entertainment, why would you stress yourself by quitting it?


As I was saying, make a plan. First of all, figure out how much do you sit at your computer/phone per day and then try to reduce that time by taking short breaks. Just because you are taking those short breaks, it doesn’t mean you have to stare at a wall. Use this time to reconnect with your family, friends or even your pet.

-Go in a park without Spotify (this is the hardest thing I’ve done but it’s doable)

-Weekly tech-free evening/morning or even the whole day. It will do wonders. It will also make you appreciate technology more.

-Reach to a friend and meet up with them in a coffee shop, park or wherever you like.




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27 thoughts on “It’s About Time For A Digital Detox

      1. I am pleased you are feeling the effects. So you will know to relax and unwind. It can become compulsive to use the digital media. I have 2 cats who keep me in check they make me get off my laptop for a rest. They can see I am getting tired before I can feel it.

  1. Great! I think it is really good to take a break from the internet–even if it’s for no specific reason, just letting yourself know that you CAN DO it will make you feel freer and stronger! I haven’t done a “digital detox” just yet because I just found an online French practice, but sometime I’m going to do a week-long one =)

  2. Excellent idea to take a digital detox, not that I need it! I am so not into the 21st century and don’t use my phone for any online engagement. My sister is a techno whizz and thinks I am from the ark.

  3. Yesterday we met a guy in his fifties who doesn’t own a PC, laptop or tablet. Because he wants to stay in his world where people need to come over to talk to you, when you need to move around and make an effort to ask your friends how it’s going.

  4. I had to take a forced digital detox when I was in Cuba, as internet there is almost nonexistent. I am also planning a 2 days digital detox this summer, a 32 miles hike on the south coast of England, without any internet, just a phone in case of emergency.

  5. I like your ideas. I could definitely go for a digital detox. It really is weird to think about the fact that no one was really connected constantly a few decades ago like they are now.

  6. We all need this from time to time, it’s very good for our mental health too. I love taking a break from the internet during weekends and just bond with my family as much as I can before I have to start working again on Mondays.

  7. I think it’s necessary take a break from the internet. A digital detox is good for our health. It’s also a great way to stay productive and balanced… It looks like a new type of challenges!

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