Find Your Passion Today

I feel like people do try to do what they love however they fall in the comfort zone and they simply stop looking for their passion as they don’t want to take risks. If you keep hating yourself everyday and have literally no motivation, you really should start looking for something different but for something you love to do at the same time. You have a potential in your life that won’t be fulfilled if you don’t take action.

You are right,

It’s impossible to find your passion. But, do you know why? Because you don’t take any action on your dreams.

You think about the result but not following the plan that gets you to that result you dream about. Life may not be fair most of the time but hard work is rewarded.

How do I find my passion?

Here is the thing, you already have a passion, the secret is to develop it. However, even if you love doing something you get a “no motivation/inspiration” feeling, for example blogging. Sometimes you just can’t write or take pictures.

You don’t have to change your job if you don’t want to. Your passion is in front of you and you don’t even look at it.

You can see your passion by reading below:

#1 What you love to do

What is your hobby? Maybe you love fishing, reading, writing, blogging, taking pictures or collecting stuff? Honey, you have to realize you are ahead of the game already. What if I told you it’s possible for your passion to be your next job? Just do a little research and see the ways on how you can monetize it.


#2 Brainstorm

You may not be very inspired right now however just take a piece of paper and start writing random things. Soon enough you will have lots of new ideas and feel inspired as well, just by using this simple trick, ‘brain hack’ how I like to call it. Look around and write anything, there is no such thing as bad idea, after some hours, re-evaluate everything!

#3 Ask people for ideas

That doesn’t necessarily mean for you to go out in the wilderness and socialize. You can look up on the Internet on sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram or even Twitter and see what passions other people have. It will be very inspiring for you to see what they do.

#4 Give everything a chance

As I was saying, there is no such thing as bad ideas. Try something you would never do, it may become your passion. You may be passionate about something for the first few days and I feel like the secret is to develop that thing you feel passionate about so you won’t lose it.


#5 Keep doing it

You just started blogging or taking pictures but your work doesn’t look like the work of your favorite blogger? That is totally fine. Your favorite blogger has probably been doing that thing for years. You can progress as well if you keep practicing. Take as many pictures you feel like, watch tutorials on editing them, follow your favorite blogger… Feel inspired.



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