Perfect Birthday Gifts Every Man Will Love

If your beloved one’s birthday is slowly approaching, and you don’t have the slightest idea of what to get him as a present –join the club! Contrary to popular belief, shopping for your man is not that simple – it can get very tricky, especially if he is a tech-geek who knows a lot about all sorts of things. However, you don’t need to worry –a universal solution for all those potential recipients exists. . Here are seven of these, so check them out and go shopping carelessly.


Beard pack

If your loved one is growing a beard, this may be just the perfect birthday present for him! Get this set that consists of beard oil, moustache wax, and a beard friendly soap, and help him get his facial hair in top-notch. Make sure that these products are organic since these won’t cause any kind of irritation, which makes them appropriate for all skin types. Your guy loves his beard on fleek, so let it be!


Deluxe shaving kit


On the other hand, if your man’s morning routine starts with shaving, you may want to consider a deluxe shaving kit as a perfect present. Some of the elements included in it are safety razor, shave soap, wooden shaving brush, and replacement blades which all come in a box. Shaving has never been easier before, and this kit will definitely help him look refreshed this summer.


Swiss Army knife

If you are looking for a present for a man who is very practical above all, an awesome Swiss Army knife is definitely the right thing for him. Such a goodie features scissors, nail file, ballpoint pen, and a LED light, which is a pretty awesome set of items that may be handy in a variety of situations. Such a gift is very small but definitely on point, and you won’t make a mistake with it!


Homemade gin kit


Men absolutely love gin, and if your darling is one of them, too, a homemade gin kit is a perfect birthday gift for him. Consisting of two glass bottles, stainless steel funnel and strainer, and high-quality blends of botanicals and juniper berries, this kit will surely leave your man breathless. All he has to do is to provide vodka, and he will be good to go!



Smartwatch is always a good idea for guys who love to keep up with new trends when it comes to latest technological developments. These are the new IT gadgets he simply has to have, and if you are worried about its price – don’t be. Apple Watch is not the only option – there are many other, less expensive alternatives that offer similar features. Trust us, your guy will love such a present!


Portable speaker


If your man is always on the go, plus being a gadget lover, you may want to get him an all-weather portable speaker. Choose the waterproof one that is easy to move around, and you will surely sweep him off his feet with such a unique gift. It is perfect for lounging by the pool, and it gets even better if it can get connected via Bluetooth – so that your beloved one doesn’t miss any important calls while on vacation.


Home-friendly necessities

Practical men love practical gifts, and those related to home are always a good idea! If you would like to improve his health and help him sleep better, a high-quality humidifier may be just the perfect solution. Such a device will provide a cooling effect in his room, which is perfect for summer in the first place. It will also help your darling solve particular health problems, such as respiratory ones, if he has any. All in all, it is a great gift you won’t regret buying!


As you can see, getting a perfect birthday gift for an important man in your life doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. Just make sure that you are taking into account his personal interests and preferences, and these will help you get on track. Whichever you choose, he will definitely adore it!

About the author:

Peter is lifestyle writer at Shlur magazine from UK, living in London and occasionally in Brisbane, Australia! Beside writing he worked as a menswear fashion stylist for many fashion events around UK & AUS! His future plans are in creating a business for beauty and style advising.