Coloring Isn’t Just For Kids x Colorwear

Did you know that coloring is actually therapeutic? 

Why? Well because it helps you de-stress as you are basically meditating, it activates both parts of the cerebral hemisphere, it helps you discover yourself and of course, it reduces anxiety.

‘Perk the coffee, pour the wine, and gather the gang. The adult coloring craze just moved up a whole new level of awesome!’ – Colorwear

We are all living such a hectic life we forget to have fun. Coloring is just for kids? Wrong. You can enjoy it as well, no matter what your age is. This past week I’ve got a little package from The Mountain Artwear company with their latest brand which is…Colorwear.


As always, the people who have brought your the iconic Mountain Artwear apparel offers a great variety of Colorwear t-shirts (About 170 different designs that you can choose from), all of which you can color your own.

How do I order?

Just go to Colorwear‘s website and add your favorite design to your cart. Each order comes with a 6 pack of Tulip Fabric Markers, and a board to insert into the shirt to avoid any bleeding of the markers.



…And then there you go! 




The shirt I ordered is right here.

I’ve also made a time lapse video for you to see the whole process of coloring this shirt!

Let me know your thoughts on coloring shirts. Would like to do it as well? 🙂

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by  Colorwear.

11 thoughts on “Coloring Isn’t Just For Kids x Colorwear

  1. I completely agree. Who says colouring cant be for adult. I still colour during my past time on t-shirts and other dresses to make it look good. Women in India colour on sarees (our national dress) to make it customised and beautiful.

  2. Colouring-in was my favorite thing to do when i was growing up. I also notice that book stores are selling adult colouring books. I am going to start this relaxing hobby again 🙂

  3. Oh I would love to try this! Are they permanent? I mean do they fade away easily after frequent washing? This is really a great idea and I personally think that it can be an great gift to your friends and loveones too!

  4. I LOVE coloring, I did a colorwear shirt with my kids and we all loved doing it together… they want to do it again! I’ll have to get the older crowd to do it as well and make a party of it : )

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