Country Boy Outfit

I am obsessed with denim.

That is such a weird thing to say because back when I was a kid I would legit throw any denim my parents wanted to buy me. I remember that circa 15 years ago I told my mom that denim is not on trends anymore and she should throw everything out. I believe she did donated all the clothes however now it’s back on the trends. WHICH IS COOL!

Thank God my brother likes denim as well and because as he bought a lot of clothes, I get to ‘borrow’ stuff from him. I say ‘borrow’ using inverted commas because, oh well, those clothes will get lost somewhere in my closet.

A few days ago I felt completely inspired by my denim (hey, the muse appears at random times) to do a photo shoot in my grandparents’s mini-barn.



I gotta admit, my grandparents’s reaction was quite priceless “Um Vlad love, what are you doing there? ARE U FEELIN’ FINE?”

vladofficial (3 of 6)


It felt such a pleasure for me to have this photo shoot. By the way, if you’ve been following me, you know that I live near a very high hill. Oh well, this place is 10 minutes away from that top of a hill. I can’t wait to talk more about it in a future blog post.

Shirt: HUGO Boss

Flannel shirt: H&M

Denim pants: H&M

Shoes: Adidas


Do you like denim? Have you bought anything denim this summer?


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