The Fall Skincare Essentials Every Man Needs

Seasonal changes require not only listening to your body’s rhythm and adapting your clothes and diet, but also figuring out what your skin needs in new weather conditions. Depending on your skin type, it might react more or less dramatically to the sudden changes in temperature, air humidity, cold wind, and precipitation. In the fall, your skin can go through a lot of stress, which may result in the unpleasant feeling of tightness of the skin or even blemishes and breakouts. Here’s what you need to know in order to keep it healthy and nourished.

Cleansing: switch to creamier formulas

During cold fall months, your skin can get extra dry, so you may want to seize every opportunity to hydrate it. In addition to minding your optimal water intake, the choice of products plays a crucial role here. While in warm summer months it’s advisable to use a gel face wash or the foam ones, with fall coming, your skin suffers through a lot of damage and needs more prominent hydrating products. Choose a cleaning lotion that has a creamy texture and avoid over-washing your face: water will additionally dry out your skin. Use a moisturizing toner after cleansing. Although many men choose to skip this step because they find using too much products tiring, this additional step will ensure all the impurities are removed from your face. Plus, you skin will get extra hydrated.


Exfoliation: go easy on the scrubs

Exfoliating your skin is something you should be doing all year round. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, which helps the necessary nutrients from your skin products freely penetrate your skin. In addition to that, gently scrubbing your face ensures the fresh and dewy look of your skin. Dead skin cells are unable to reflect light, which results in a dull and tired looking skin. To avoid that, learn how to use a face exfoliator properly so that your skin stays healthy in the fall months, too. There are two things to take into consideration. Firstly, you need to choose products that are enriched with natural ingredients, so that your skin gets what it needs. Secondly, don’t over-exfoliate: it might irritate your skin and besides that – it’s dry enough. Too much scrubbing can strip it from its natural oils. Once or twice a week is enough during the fall months.


Hydration: use a more emollient moisturizer

Your skin might get sensitive due to the harsh weather conditions. Exposure to cold can cause it to crack or become flaky because it’s too dry. This is why you need to switch to an aftershave that’s designed for sensitive skin and use a moisturizer that locks all of the moisture in. Use the organic ones or enriched with natural ingredients that will reduce irritation and that also contain antioxidants that help with fighting free-radicals. If you like all-in-one products, search for the ones containing SPF and ingredients that help with the age-deferring process. Try the famous DIY face masks: using home remedies, you can make a mask that will restore your skin’s natural oils. Masks with banana bases are great for hydration.

Target care: eye creams and serums

Oily serums with that contain fatty acids and hyaluronic acid will help you smooth out your skin and add an extra protective layer to it. Skin around the eyes is very sensitive, so consider investing in an eye cream that also has an anti-age effect. Squinting and smiling, as well as sun damage, causes fine lines around the eyes: it’s the area where most men get first wrinkles.

Protecting your skin: little things that go a long way

When going out to the cold, make sure you wear gloves and a scarf that will protect your skin. Use a heavy hydrating men’s lip balm to keep your lips soft.

Rotating your skincare product with seasonal changes is mandatory. Follow these simple tips for a great feeling and a refreshed look.