I Got This Autumn Feeling – Men’s H&M Outfit

Happy November you guys! I can’t believe it’s mid of the month already – CHRISTMAS SOON YAAAS!

I also can’t believe how fast this year went by, I mean, wasn’t Christmas yesterday? Wasn’t Electric Castle Transylvania like this morning?! Well guess what, it was 5 months ago! Remember when you set some goals 5 months ago but you kinda threw them out of the window? Well now you see that those months actually passed quick and today I challenge you to set a goal and work your way on accomplishing it.


A few days ago I went for a little stroll in the city and as always I went in H&M (my favorite store) – long story short, just in 20 minutes, I found a new outfit for less than $50!! Except the jacket, got it a few weeks ago, still from H&M though.

Jersey Hat / Bomber Jacket / Jersey Henley Shirt / Trousers / Shoes: Adidas