Dapper Guys Wear JORD



Today I am talking about the JORD watch – Dover series. Although this is sponsored by them but still my words are real and honest.

JORD is run by artists, designers, marketers, and minders. They say that they spend days creating, considering, arguing, and hopefully agreeing on the products that we can get now on their site (click here for the men’s shop) ,which sounds very promising to me as they seem to put in a lot of work. I mean, come on now, WOOD watches, I can imagine they are very time-consuming.

They also say ‘our timepieces are modeled after a modern lifestyle’


FEATURESsapphire crystal glass, deployment buckle with push buttons ,crew-down crown, with a width of the case of 41mm and 12mm thick, lug ends: 49mm, band thickness: 24mm and the length of the band: 202mm

Also the drive system is self-winding automatic (requires no battery).



It’s priced as £239 (295$) – it’s a very nice looking watch and if I was to buy it I would definitely do it because it does make a very good difference on your outfit.


I absolutely LOVE the package of this watch! I got it in a wood box placed on a pillow – the box also has like a drawer for its accessories. JORD also sent me a few more

vladspic (2 of 5)-2.jpg


The watch keeps great time it maintains a great accuracy. The size is just perfect – it’s not too small or too big – it sat perfect on my wrist. The watch band was also modified after JORD asked for my measurements. The band also has a metal clasp which will be used o fasten the watch.

It also has no battery

This is off topic but I feel like I like the other basic way of fastening band watches way more to be honest but whatever, the metal clasp is ok too. Most of the watches have it now days anyway.


The look of the watch is very simple yet complex, in a good way. It adds ‘that missing thingy’ from your outfit. No matter what you wear – casual or formal, this watch will be the perfect accessory for you!

vladspic (4 of 5).jpg


If you are looking for a great watch which is functional and classy then you gotta check JORD out. It boosts your outfit and personality altogether. It will also make you stand out of the crowd cause come on now, you have a wood watch.

The next day I wore my watch while hanging out with some friends and it was impossible not to get noticed. My friends actually said that the watch looks ‘simple yet complex and classy’.