January Sales Guide For Him

Everybody has been talking about Christmas, gifts ideas and such stuff but it’s time to get real – let’s talk about the big sales – Post Christmas and January ones, cause, erm, we all love them!

Nice jackets, jeans, health and caring accessories, cool stuff to decorate your room, video games and so much more. I went for a little walk in the city on 28 of December and literally it was so crowded that there was no way for you to get in a store or out of it. I feel like Post Christmas and January sales are way bigger than Black Friday, to be honest.

Because I really meant that 99% of the stores are having huge dicounts, I prepared a little gift guide for guys in case you want some ideas on stuff you would like to get. This is not sponsored and all the shown products are my favorite (&tested) 🙂 

Products shown in the picture below are from, Jord, Zara, HM, Converse 


vladspic (2 of 3).jpg


The Mountain

the mountain.jpg

Caring and entertainment

Braun, Fitbit Aria, Fitbit One, Throwboy Poop Emoji Pillow, Calvin Klein trunks


Alright peeps – those are my choices for the moment 🙂 Let me know if you intend to get anything I just have shown you or if you have any questions. xx

Ps. If you want me to review any of these products, also let me know and I’ll do it 🙂