Should Men Use Hairspray Or Hair Gel ?

Alright so in the past few days I’ve been dealing with this dilemma – DO I USE HAIRSPRAY OR HAIR GEL?! Yes, I’ve been googling yet I couldn’t find any solid information.

Sooo, I asked some people including the guy that does my haircuts and the answer is – use WHATEVER works for you, basically.

My hair is a little longer – I can’t say it’s short so sometimes the hair gel is sort of useless unless I put a lot but then it won’t look good at all which means that my answer is the hairspray.


Let’s dig into some more information regarding using hairspray or hair gel —

First of all, you have to look at the condition of your hair – is it damaged or not? If it’s damaged, the use of heavy duty sprays or hair sprays at all as they contain alcohol which is not good for your hair if damaged.

If the hairspray usage is necessary, it is recommended that you use a light hold one and once you have the chance, take it off with a shower to prohibit further damage.

The hair gel is supposed to add texture and control over your hair. Aesthetically speaking, if your hair is damaged, it will benefit a lot.

Both hairspray and hair gel are to be used with moderation and also keep in mind that any hair product can buildup on your hair leaving residues.

When choosing a product, think about how you want your hair to feel and look like.


Hairspray tends to hold your hairstyle in place but the hair gel is used for lighter and more flexible jobs. Hair gel is also easier to get off your hair.


I am using the hairspray however there are times I am using the hair gel as well but usually a week or less right after a haircut.

So the final answer is — use whatever feels better and right 🙂

Now your turn, please let me know in the comments what’s your preference and WHY 🙂


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