Oh, Dear Teenage Years

This is it. The adulthood is calling.

I just woke up and went straight to my laptop so I can type this — OMG, I just had a huge revelation regarding myself, basically. I am counting the last 6 days until I turn 20 but I’m also thinking about all those past years that made me who I am today.

From the bullies in middle school, from the social anxiety I’ve had until 18 – and most importantly, from the amazing Internet people that helped me survive all the way since I was 12.

vladspic (1 of 1)-23.jpg

You might think ‘Oh how can people on the Internet even helped you survive or even model your personality’ – Oh well, because I was bullied I was basically left out with no friends at a young age so I was relaying on the Internet where I found AMAZING people that inspired to do different things (blogging, fitness, volunteering. photography, videography) and while doing those things I found myself, basically, at some point. Some people that really inspired me to the full extent are iJustine, Jenna Ezarik, Shane Dawson, Shawna Howson, Catrific.




I also have a couple of happy moments as well that mark a new beginning – On my 14th Birthday, I got my first laptop and also 10 months later I got my first smartphone and that is when another part of my Internet existence started – I found it a luxury to be able to tweet from an app or have Instagram haha! 🙂

At 15 years old, I started doing more sports and that is when I started feeling way more good about myself so I kept going, even to this day 🙂 

Oh and how can I forget my 16th Birthday? — During those years I used to binge watch a TV show which was famous in Romania, A Bet With Life it’s called. So, on my 16th Birthday, I got backstage access and pre-show access to just hang around with the whole cast. It felt truly amazing and I was feeling incredibly blessed to be living those moments. 



When I turned 17 everything was very weird – right before my Birthday my mom has been taken to the emergency room and had a surgery – I was only able to celebrate my Birthday with her as well only about 3-4 days after. 

The age of 17 was actually great, even school was easier as I was a Junior.

This is the year when I opened my blog 🙂 First post here: link

When I turned 18 I felt like I got to another level so I booked my first International trip, ON MY OWN. So I visited UK (my second home today) and instantly fell in love with it 🙂

18 was also quite weird because I graduated high school, and failed some exams that were important (because I was lazy and didn’t think of their meaning). The summer of when I was 18 was also AMAZING because I got to spend my whole summer in the UK with my cousin.

The rest of the year was spent studying hard because I got in college and such stuff 🙂


The age of 19 on the other hand, still, the first part of the year has been spent studying hard – on the second part I passed those post high school failed exams, WITH AN A!!, got to attend my favorite music festival ever, Electric Castle and then I went back in the UK for 3 months and a half 🙂

And now I’m waiting for the 20th year, may God make it a good one xx 🙂

Those teenage years have been so good and I’m thinking – man, all I ever wanted was to be accepted. But you know what? I accept myself and if those around didn’t, I looked for new friends which I’m very grateful for today 🙂


Thank you so much for reading my blog. It makes me really happy and I want you to know that you guys are the thing I’m most grateful for ❤