20th Birthday Celebration In 2 Different Countries

This is basically the first thing that I’ve done in my 20s.. travelling to the other side of the continent.

I feel truly blessed because I got to celebrate my 20th Birthday on 2 different parts of the world. Woke up in Transylvania, had my Birthday cake with the parents and brother and then I traveled to Spain to my uncle and aunt (I love them from the bottom of my soul, they were next to me since I was born). After I got in Spain, I got a second Birthday cake!! That day got real wild!

I’m gonna write down a small summary of my whole week spent there but I will speak in details about each place in different blog posts 🙂

Day 1 – 15 February 

I went on a hike in Fresnedillas De La Oliva (also the village I stayed in) with some amazing girls which are some of my cousins friends (he wasn’t able to come as he wasn’t near Madrid this time due work).

vladspic (1 of 1)-41.jpg

vladspic (1 of 1).jpg

vladspic (1 of 1)-2.jpg

Visited Valle de los Caídos with my uncle – Amazing place, amazing vibes. Don’t even get me started on how peaceful the place is!


vladspic (1 of 1)-45.jpg


vladspic (1 of 1)-40.jpg

Day 2 – 16 February 

Still with the same girls, went on a hike but on a different place named ‘Las Chorreras’ and  again, with my uncle, visited San Lorenzo De El Escorial where I’ve seen the Casita Del Principe, Real Monasterio AND HAD CHURROS! I also saw the mesmerizing sunset ❤


Photo 16-02-2017, 15 37 48.jpg



Photo 16-02-2017, 20 05 23.jpg

Photo 16-02-2017, 18 31 14.jpg

Day 3 – 17 February 

Nothing exciting or new – The first part of the day has been spent home just relaxing and in the evening I went at a shopping centre (didn’t find anything interesting though) and had churros which were already covered in chocolate (best ones) 🙂


Day 4 – 18 February 

This was the grand day I visited the capital of Spain, Madrid. I tried to vlog the entire day which you can find below. If you don’t want to watch the vlog, oh well, I just took the bus from Fresnedillas and when we got in Madrid we got straight into visiting – from Calle de Gran Via to Parc Del Retiro to Puerto Del Sol :). I also went into Steak N Shake because, uh oh, necessities. Apple Store (I always go there) and as typical as it sounds, I wanted to go to Starbucks but I couldn’t drink anything anymore as of I would have needed a bathroom next to me 24/7 and besides that, the caffeine intake would have lead me to a headache or an energy crash. After that we went shopping but because I knew that on day 5 I will go to Gran Plaza 2, I didn’t buy many stuff besides fridge magnets lol.

Oh and I’ve had churros (duuh) in Parque Del Retiro.



vladspic (1 of 1)-37.jpgvladspic (1 of 1)-18.jpgPhoto 21-02-2017, 21 43 25.jpgvladspic (1 of 1)-23.jpg


Day 5 – 19 February 

I also vlogged today but I only went shopping at Gran Plaza 2 🙂 – got some jeans from myself and my brother (Pull And Bear) and a donut & coffee from Dunkin Donuts.

During the golden hour I also had a photoshoot on my own (with the tripod) in the nature.



Day 6 – 20 February 

Nothing much considering this was my last day in Spain – I mainly spent it walking around Fresnedillas and enjoy the ‘summer’ in February 🙂


Day 7 – 21 February 

My official last day in Spain – I had a flight in the after noon so I basically slept for the most part of the morning, packed and then I cleaned my room 🙂


That was basically my vacation – If you followed me on Instagram or Snapchat, you’ve probably seen the hundreds of posts. I’m super glad I get to share a part of my life with all of you and I hope that all of you enjoy it. 

PS: So many of the pictures were taken with my phone because it was easier for me to share them right in that moment with the Instagram or Snapchat peeps (I didn’t have my laptop with me and the camera doesn’t have WiFi) 🙂 

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