A Photography Mistake You Don’t Wanna Repeat

Oops! I kept doing the same mistake over and over again and I didn’t even realize it until one day, one sweet and sunny day of a Transylvanian February. 


It’s not the end of the world and I am trying to learn from this.
So, I had the chance to meet up with Dorin Baltes for a photo shoot. Everything was alright but I noticed he actually gave a crap about the camera settings for each spot we took pics on. I was like ‘We can edit that later anyway‘ – But I was wrong, so wrong.
Seeing the pictures with his camera vs mine, I thought about buying a new camera but I looked on the Internet and the differences between both of our cameras are not that significant.
And then I realized, wow, the camera shooting settings are so precious and they are worth the extra 5 minutes of a photo shoot.
It’s also funny because a few days ago I joined the Azalle tribe and currently taking a fashion photography course. They did mention that I should check the camera settings always because each picture or place is different. Hmm, but, I kinda ignored that and now that I got to experience it on my own, I saw the difference between auto mode even with a photographer (auto mode can be fine if you are using a tripod only) vs manual and it’s a stunning one.
The moral of the story? Camera settings could be a bit overwhelming at first as there are a ton you can change but once you do it once, it will get so much easier. But it’s so freakin’ worth it, I promise.
Also I’m not saying that now I don’t have any mistakes anymore, because I do, I may not be able to see them yet but when I do, be sure I’ll share them with all of you haha 🙂
Jacket: The North Face / Top: HM / Jeans: Pull And Bear / Shoes: Adidas
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