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How Daily Habits Influence Your Life

Having goals is probably the first thing that pushes us to take action.. but sometimes, having goals is depressing and exciting at the same time. However, creating daily habits automatically creates a ‘foundation’ of your life — So, do you wanna be a famous blogger?Maybe an astronaut? – It’s possible. Everything is possible. 

Daily habits are something natural and they are supposed to stay that way. Don’t try to change everything in one day because you only set yourself  up for failure. Doing poorly at one habit will have a bad effect on the ones you do good at.

What you can do is:

  • Focus on building a habit per month
  • Take it easy, nobody is perfect at something. We all fall of track once in a while. 
  • Reward yourself every time you hit a milestone

Once the habit becomes natural and instinctive, you can focus on building a new one 🙂

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Here are a couple of habits that can influence your life in a good way.

# Get up earlier

This gives me such a good feeling. I mean, I usually wake up at around 7AM and start doing whatever I have planned to — editing, emails. After you’re done doing the work, you are feeling great about yourself because you know that the rest of the day is 100% yours and whatever happens, you’ve done what you planned to do.

# Create a morning routine

Ever heard or felt like that the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day? That’s true. Rushing into starting the day only makes you stressed or uncomfortable. Get up earlier and start doing the things that make you feel good about yourself, in a calm way — Exercise, check your social media accounts, drink coffee etc.

# Know your priorities

Seriously, sometimes we have so many things on our plates and that only makes us do more things at the same time – and in most of the cases, that’s what setting ourselves up for failure. Let’s just set our ‘official’ goals now and drop everything that doesn’t support those — you can come back to whatever you were doing after you have established what’s most important for you.

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# Exercise more

Exercising produces the ‘happy hormone’ aka the endorphins thus resulting in a healthier and happier version of yourself — and usually when that happens, you also start to feel more inspired and motivated to work towards achieving your goals.

# Write a journal

We tend to overestimate the problems we encounter over the course of the day — writing everything down makes you realize how small the problem is. Writing everything down works on the other way as well, writing down your goals makes you feel some type of way that inspires and motivates you.

# Be yourself

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Express your thoughts the way the are and people will love that. You’ve got a different point of view?! So what! That’s a blessing! Speaking your thoughts the way they are can be a challenge at first, but it’s worthy. My thoughts before saying something that’s different from what others have said: ‘F**k it, life is too short to act fake’


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8 comments on “How Daily Habits Influence Your Life

  1. morning routine, especially one that includes, getting up earlier, making some time for journal writing, and other activities such as exercise is so important. Great points all around. Blessings!


  2. Setting goals for ourselves are so important. It is one of the ways we keep growing as individuals.


  3. lastchance3

    Good habits and goals are imperative to my day. Accomplishing something early on, even if it’s just making my bed, makes me feel like I can take on the world.


  4. i agree to this, small habits take us a long way, i like some organized structured scheduled morning time, it helps deal with the rest of the day


  5. The habit I am trying to instil this month is excercise, it makes me happy and healthy too and also clears the mind


  6. Yes, morning routines are important. “Habit” is a Pearl Jam song. “Be Yourself” is an Audioslave song!


  7. alisonrost

    Such a great post. I couldn’t agree more .. especially about prioritizing. With a million different things to do every day .. I find if I can make a list of my top two or three things (and say no to the rest) it makes everything that much smoother


  8. I totally agree. Having goals is important, you just can’t sit around and expect thing are going to happen to you. You have to work. The only thing that bothers me when it gets to having priorities is that I have to choose my priority. So it’s school than, but I want to be better and achieve it all everyday but sometimes I just need time to rest. I want to know how to organize my time better.


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