Most Common Dental Mistakes People Make in Their 20s

Not brushing your teeth after one meal is no big deal, but repeating this mistake day after day can have serious consequences and lead to big problems in the future. This is especially true if you fail to teach your children how important brushing their teeth really is. By the time you reach 20, you should already know a thing or two about dental care and how to avoid any problems. However, this is still the time when many make tons of mistakes and mistreat their teeth. Here are some of the most common dental mistakes and how to correct them.


Avoiding the Dentist

We understand you were afraid of the dentist when you were a child, but feeling that way at the age of 20 or 25 is a bit too much. Even if you’ve had a childhood trauma, you still need to move past it and do something for your teeth. If you have a smaller problem a dentist can solve, avoiding one creates additional problems, and that’s something you should definitely avoid.

Another great reason why numerous 20-something people skip appointments is a lack of money or dental insurance. Most dentists tend to be pricey, especially if they do a good job; so, visiting them regularly can add up to a significant amount of money on an annual basis. On the other hand, you could probably overcome this problem by looking for a cheaper yet equally professional dentist at a dental school, a free clinic or another organization that offers this kind of service.


Avoiding the Brush

Most of us brush our teeth while browsing through our Facebook newsfeed, when in the shower or while trying to get ready for work or school, and that’s probably the worst thing we could do. Since proper brushing is essential for healthy teeth, you have to be focused and pay close attention to every single stroke. All teeth need equal attention and every possible surface has to come into contact with the brush if you want to do a proper job.

Due to that, brushing our teeth when we’re in a hurry or feeling tired isn’t such a good idea because we don’t pay enough attention to them that way. Therefore, be sure to dedicate at least three to four minutes to brushing your teeth after every meal. You should clean the outer surfaces first – start with upper teeth and then move onto the lower ones – and then the inner surface, and top it all off with brushing the chewing surface and the surface of your tongue. Finally, try to avoid mistakes most people make if you want to be truly efficient.


Avoiding the Braces

Despite the popular opinion, not all braces are unattractive. Wearing them isn’t always pleasant, but that’s the only solution for some dental problems. And being in your 20s is the ideal time for wearing them – whether you’re 21 or 29, braces will help your teeth immensely and bring a smile on your face.

Keep in mind that not all braces are the same and, if you have a problem with an image you see in the mirror, pick a type that’s less noticeable. This is the reason why more and more youngsters opt for almost invisible Invisalign braces that are a great alternative to metal braces and do a great job fixing your teeth. With this see-through aligner, you’ll be able to show your teeth freely and literally won’t stop smiling.

Other Mistakes

Some other dental mistakes people in their 20s often make include not replacing the toothbrush frequently enough, brushing too vigorously, avoiding X-rays and damaging their teeth with soda drinks and unhealthy food.

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