Let Go Of Anger In A Healthy Way

If you’re reading this — you’ve probably been betrayed, hurt AND YOU ARE ANGRY! You want revenge, you want them to feel what you are feeling now. You want them to pay the price.

Those feelings are perfectly normal and human – they are just emotional & mental responses. 

But, here is the thing — hurting others you are deliberately hurting yourself. Revenge is not worth it because most of the time it just makes everything worse. 

Wait until you are emotionally calm before making any irrational decisions that may create more problems and suffering for yourself.


So, what’s left to do?

Take care of yourself and let go of anger without hurting those a**holes back.

But how?!

1. Process the story in your mind and find a way that will solve everything in a pacific way.  Processing the story takes time, maybe a good nights sleep. After you will wake up next day, those feelings of anger have gone, you will be able to think straight and act accordingly.

2. Write everything down. Subside your feelings by actually writing about them. It will make you feel so much better about yourself because writing it down helps you see the situation in a clear & organized way. (& a great way to process the situation)

3. Forgive them. Here is an article about it on my blog: click


4. Think outside the box and look at your anger feelings as an alter ego. It’s not gonna look pretty, but it exists and it’s yours – it’s here to protect you but might hurt you in the process as well.  

Now, let’s just focus on that alter ego — he may look ugly BUT try to understand its purpose. Accept it as a protector and it may become your friend. As a protector he will do anything to protect you (& he may hurt you as well in the process) but you gotta tell him that hurting others doesn’t make you feel any better. You and the alter go can work together on finding ways better and peaceful to protect yourself. 

Feel the bond with your anger and embrace it — it’s a powerful tool that not everyone can manage. The warrior aka the anger is there to protect you but won’t act without your command. 

5. Focus on yourself and forget about those who hurt you. Would you rather spend your time by taking revenge or on working towards a better version of yourself?

6. Kill them with kindness. Simple as that baby. 

For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Revenge isn’t winning. 


Ever been in a similar situation? What did you do in the end? Let me know your thoughts in the comments, please 🙂 

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