7 Things Your Bachelor Party Should Include

So you have been assigned to organise a bachelor party for your best friend and you don’t know exactly how to do it? Luckily for you, we have some great tips and advice that will make any bachelor party a night to remember.

Unique and new location

First of all, let’s talk about the location of the party. Even though having a bachelor party in your hometown is not the worst idea, taking the groom and the rest of the crew somewhere unique and new is a better choice in most cases. The key is to select a fun location that the groom hasn’t visited before. It doesn’t have to be a huge party town like Las Vegas or expensive tropical retreat like Bora Bora, but rather something that the groom might like, even if that is a secluded mountain shack in the Alps.

Great accommodation

Accommodation is very important for a bachelor party. We are not saying that you should rent rooms in a five-star hotel, but you also shouldn’t rent an apartment on a busy street. You will be doing a lot of crazy activities, drinking, and partying, so make sure that everyone has a good bed to sleep in if you plan to continue with your bachelor party tomorrow.

Top notch food


Food is equally important as accommodation. Only eat at quality restaurants or prepare your own meals if you have organised an outdoor bachelor party. The last thing you want to is to get sick or food poisoned and trust us, a lot of these small fast food restaurants can do just that, especially if you go somewhere abroad. Additionally, a big and juicy meal is absolutely necessary before a heavy night of drinking.

Quality booze

Bachelor parties don’t come that often, so it is only natural to pull out that old whiskey from your cabinet that you have been saving for such special occasions. Don’t drink regular cheap beer or wine. Make sure that every drink is of top quality. But don’t get us wrong, we are not saying that you should go buy the most expensive drinks out there. There are plenty of small brewers that make unique beers, wines, whiskeys and other spirits that are a lot more affordable than big name brands.

Topless waitresses

Now that the food and booze are taken care of, it is time to kick the party to the next level and there is no better way to do this than to hire topless waitresses to serve you during the night. Unlike strippers, these waitresses will be with you for the whole night. There are great companies, like Sydney Topless Waitresses, that offer these services and make scheduling a lot easier. Visit their website, browse through their catalogue of girls, and book the ones that suit you most.

Engaging activities


Not everything revolves around drinking and eating. That is why you should also have some engaging activities for the entire bachelor crew. These activities can be anything from organizing a paintball match to going to a casino. Just make sure that these are up to the groom’s liking and not yours.

Memorable moments

Lastly, every bachelor party should have memorable moments. We know that this sounds like a cliché and that it can’t be forced, but if you create a good atmosphere, packed with great activities, something memorable is bound to happen. After all, it is the groom’s last night of “freedom”.

And that is all. As you can see, the list is not that long, but it requires a little bit of planning and preparations. Keep in mind that a bachelor party should be all about the groom and not about the rest of you. So make sure that the location, food, drinks, and girls are tailored to him.

Author: Peter Minkoff