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Prediculously Inspiring

In my defence, today was a TIRING day! I was running back and forth — to the gym, I went for a 3 hours walk with a friend, I visited my grandparents and now I’m snuggled in bed sipping on my tea and hoping that the next week will be great! ❤

So, my point is, I can’t think of a meaningful post this time but I really wanted to share my excitement with you guys about this hoodie — why am I excited about it? IT HAS MY USERNAME ON ITS BACK! I think that’s great as I feel more ‘official’ haha!

Ps: Thank you Prediculous for the hoodie!

Now, a simple question, how would you describe one of your weekend days? 🙂 

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Not sponsored, just excited about it! ❤



8 comments on “Prediculously Inspiring

  1. It sounds like you had a good weekend. I am living the simple laidback hoodie as well! x


  2. Awesome hoodie. I’d be excited too. I’m actually in the process of designing my own logo for my own hoodie.


  3. We weekend day are often housebound, blogging, or relaxing at my pool. That hoodie looks like it’d be a good fit for those cold cold fall and winter months.


  4. That’s a nice touch. Would be great to have a personalized hoodie.


  5. Awesome hoodie! We celebrated easter today and eat too much candy (when will we learn moderation!?)


  6. I went to a park this weekend and love it! Nothing more beautiful than visiting parks in Spring and (Autumn). By the way, the hoodie looks fabulous!

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  7. alisonrost

    Good for you for living life beyond the blog! In the past I’ve skipped some things I’d like to do offline because I felt pressure (self-imposed) to produce a more meaningful post. I’ve become far better about finding a balance. ps: Love the hoodie!

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  8. That hoodie looks so amazing!! I love the font & colour. Hope your next weekend is amazing!!

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