Prediculously Inspiring


In my defence, today was a TIRING day! I was running back and forth — to the gym, I went for a 3 hours walk with a friend, I visited my grandparents and now I’m snuggled in bed sipping on my tea and hoping that the next week will be great! <3

So, my point is, I can’t think of a meaningful post this time but I really wanted to share my excitement with you guys about this hoodie — why am I excited about it? IT HAS MY USERNAME ON ITS BACK! I think that’s great as I feel more ‘official’ haha!

Ps: Thank you Prediculous for the hoodie!

Now, a simple question, how would you describe one of your weekend days? 🙂 

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Not sponsored, just excited about it! <3



8 thoughts on “Prediculously Inspiring

  1. Good for you for living life beyond the blog! In the past I’ve skipped some things I’d like to do offline because I felt pressure (self-imposed) to produce a more meaningful post. I’ve become far better about finding a balance. ps: Love the hoodie!

  2. We weekend day are often housebound, blogging, or relaxing at my pool. That hoodie looks like it’d be a good fit for those cold cold fall and winter months.

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