How To Find Blogging Inspiration

Ok.. we’ve all been there. And some of us still are.

Who said that being a blogger is easy?! Not me. We literally live to create different content on a weekly, monthly and even on a daily basis. And.. you know what?! It’s not all about creating the content but also about watching what others create because you wanna stay with the trend and give your audience what they want.

However, sometimes what’s trending doesn’t really interest your audience much… I mean.. there are big issues out there in the world but most people don’t read blogs because they want to find out more about those issues… There are news sites for that kind of stuff. Even though we respect people’s opinions – bloggers choose to create content that inspires people.. outfits, how to’s or maybe fitness routines – the opposite of negativity basically. 

Creating content is a smooth process but, damn it, sometimes it’s just HARD because you have no inspiration. You know you wanna create but you don’t necessarily ‘feel the vibe’.

Now, how do I personally get to feel the vibe? How do I get inspired?

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It’s all about that research life.


I have a blogging notebook that I carry with me all the time where I quickly jot down ideas when they come to me. So.. my point is, just listen to yourself when you feel inspired, you may be at work, on the bus, at the gym… note every idea you get. You can edit it later.

Oh and Pinterest  – This is where I get tons of inspiration especially for the photography side of my blog.

Trying something new will definitely boost up your inspiration — ‘something new’ is a vague term but when I’m using it… I actually mean it. Try something new as a new recipe, a new walking route… whatever you feel like doing 🙂 

Look closer and find out what’s the trigger of your inspiration. Perhaps the smell of coffee in the morning or maybe your favorite TV show? Find out what habits make you feel inspired and creative and then use those resources, baby!

Print stuff that transports you to your favorite places. I mean I have lots of fashion catalogs I look in or even New York view prints on my walls! — Do they help?! Sure thing! 🙂 

Creating content is a tough job but it’s by far an amazing one. You can’t create amazing content every day but we both know the days when we feel inspired and we shall make the most out of them.

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How do you personally find inspiration? Let me know in the comments xx