5 Ways To Level Up Your Lifestyle

Remember when you woke up cheerful and excited for the day?

Yeah… me either. Actually, I do remember and it was this morning. But also, to be honest, I was stuck for some time in a routine that just wasn’t ok anymore for my well being. 

My ambition, my inspiration, my motivation — it was all kind of gone. 

In this article, I’m gonna spill my secrets on how you can do some stuff even if you don’t enjoy them — like working out or waking up early.


#1 Try Something New

New things bring new vibes in your life — and that’s a good thing. You may learn a new skill or maybe a life story. I really mean it! Last year after I failed a supposedly hard exam, I was down and not motivated to try again so I have applied for a new job — the people who had an interview there before me, were about to be my new friends THAT unconsciously influenced & motivated me to try again on the exam AND I PASSED WITH AN ‘A’ GRADE. They brought new vibes into my life 🙂 

So, you never know who might change your life in good — all you can do is try everything and hope for the best.

#2 Reward Yourself

Reward yourself whenever you hit a small or big goal. It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune — go to a coffee shop and enjoy yourself, have a meal out, have a nap in your bathtub or just do an extra activity you enjoy.

I do believe it will help you because while you relax — or do whatever you wanna do, you get to re-process the information and all of the work that took for you to reach this moment of glory. The conclusion? You’ll be more motivated for the next challenge 🙂

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#3 Be More Active

I’m not gonna tell you to workout every day because you’ll be exhausted — what you can do is be more active. I personally stopped taking buses as because of the traffic — the bus will get to the destination at the same time I WILL if I walk, most of the time. I now enjoy walking, on the plus side, I use the Fitbit  and join challenges with my friends or my family. I take the Uber or the bus in extreme cases.

While you walk you get to think more and process the information you accumulate through the day and that results in relieving stress and focusing on the present.

You don’t have to walk if you don’t wanna walk. You can have a quick cardio workout in your room and you’ll get the same results 🙂 

#4 Wake Up Early

Try to be a morning person, it will boost your motivation for the day. You might start the day at 8AM so consider waking up at 5AM, you get to have coffee, check your social media sites and get ready for the day without any rush. I am TRYING to start the day at 6-7AM and head straight to the coffee machine (after the toilet duh) — that would be the quietest moment I can get. Now I know it’s not recommended to start the day with social media or the Internet.. but you gotta do what makes you feel good. And I just start by checking my email, blog comments or just the newsfeeds.

It’s gonna be VERY TOUGH, to be honest, but just don’t hit the snooze button and get up from the bed without thinking about those extra 20 seconds. 

PS. If you will wake up early, make sure you get enough hours of sleep so also go to bed early.

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#5 Make A Budget Plan

Have you ever felt outta control? YAH SAME.

Make a plan and a budget for everything that you spend money on. You might realize that that thingy is not worthy anymore so you’ll get extra cash for the things that do matter. 

It will also make you feel more in control as you won’t have to think over and over again if you can or not afford something you want. 






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