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How A Better Sleep Benefits You

Last week has been spent with the least sleep possible and I can’t say I had the best time ever. 

After a night full of work aaand some Netflix afterwards – I would wake up and feel tired and just not motivated for the day. A part of my body was still asleep.

Now if I remember in 2016 November ish — I had 3 days with no sleep due to the first night shifts I have ever had. I’m not able to get 8 hours of sleep during the day, it’s just my body that thinks it’s not right, and he’s right. On the 3rd day. I snapped and I couldn’t control my emotions anymore. I told somebody to f**k themselves too (I’m sorry again lol – he was annoying anyway).

After those 3 days have ended I had 2 days off in a row aaaand I fell asleep the morning after I got home and I slept for 18 hours straight. Crazy right?! I know that’s not the healthiest thing I’ve done but it’s over! And I’m glad I can share this experience with you all 🙂 

After this lesson, I can proudly tell you a few benefits that a good night’s sleep will give you:

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#1 Emotional Control & Better Mood

When you’re rational you know it’s not ok to just snap at somebody for no reason but when you’re tired you just do it and you just feel bad afterward. I person I snapped in front of was my coworker but in your cause, it could be your wife, kid, parents — it’s just not worth it.

You’re gonna be able to control your emotions way more and you’ll be in a better mood overall. 

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#2 Better Thinking & Memory

After my 3 days with no sleep, I don’t think I was able to make any important decision or solve logical/math problems as fast as I do when well rested. 

A good night’s sleep will help you focus which automatically helps you memorize important stuff that you may or may not forget when sleep deprived. 

Creativity is also a part of the equation — less sleep you get less creative you are, and it makes sense. Creativity is a different process that occurs in your brain but when you’re sleep deprived and obviously can’t think as good — you can’t be as creative either.

#3 Better Health

The better your sleep is, the better your immune system is. But not only that, insufficient sleep has been found to be linked with heart diseases or diabetes. 

Those things happen after years of not sleeping well but better safe than sorry!




27 comments on “How A Better Sleep Benefits You

  1. This is a great blog post! I can relate to what you were saying about ‘After a night full of work and some Netflix afterwards – I would wake up and feel tired and just not motivated for the day. A part of my body was still asleep.’ –> this is me on a daily basis :)! I can definitely relate to being emotional and snapping at people (mainly my twin sister). Once I’ve rested I can see the improvements and benefits that you’ve mentioned!


  2. simplysensationalfood

    Getting a good nights sleep is very important for health, a bedtime routine is good to relax before you fall asleep.


  3. elizabeth o

    Getting enough sleep is a life saver too as our bodies need that time to recover and heal. I don’t sleep very much and sometimes, I meditate to get myself to sleep.


  4. I hear you! I have insomnia so sleep is very rare for me, I really need to find a way to get more sleep for health benefits and my mental state!


  5. Lack of sleep really does affect so many parts of our lives. I don’t think I would manage night shifts just for the problems it would cause with sleeping.


  6. Getting enough sleep is important for me especially since i feel more productive when I have enough sleep the night before. It’s really going to improve your overall health!


  7. It’s true sleep can really make a big difference to how we feel etc. I haven’t slept well recently and have noticed a knock on effect so am now going to bed earlier.


  8. I sleep so much. I get about 9 hours each day. I never set and alarm and just let my brain wake up naturally. Sleep is so important for proper brain function.


  9. This is very true…for me, even if I sleep 8 hours I end up feeling exhausted the next day! But if I don’t sleep well at all, forget about it. I’m crying over every little thing and picking fights for no’s terrible.


  10. ourliveswithbella

    I absolutely agree, getting enough rest it’s not only beneficial for your mental/emotional health but only physically as well. I find that I function better when I get at least 7-8hrs of sleep. I enjoyed reading your post, thanks for sharing!


  11. It is an essential thing to have a decent nights sleep for me. It does make it more difficult to control your emotions when you have not been sleeping right.


  12. Michelle Paige

    Good sleep is so important! I’ve been struggling with sleep the past couple months and it definitely impacts my mood. Thankfully my boyfriend is really understanding and gets that I’m cranky because I could not fall asleep and it’s not really my fault. But it’s seriously the worst! And your story about that annoying person made me lol a little bit haha


  13. I’m suffering from Insomnia these days! Looking for the coming Independence Day weekend to get some sound sleep!


  14. Sleep is actually really important for your mental health. It is a part of self-care, and I always know when I get depressed that I’m slacking on self-care, such as sleep and personal hygiene.


  15. YES! I completely agree, I wrote a post about the benefits of a good night’s sleep earlier in the year too! It’s so important, for so many different functions of the body and brain, to get a good night’s sleep. I find developing a good sleep hygiene routine helps me.


  16. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    That is one thing I need to have more of – sleep. I have been tied down to a gazillion responsibilities that I do not know when I will ever get a good nght’s sleep.


  17. I’m with you on this one, I just can’t cope if I don’t get enough sleep! I can manage on a min. of 7 hours, but I can’t do that for too many days in a row. I get really cranky if I haven’t had enough sleep too!


  18. Because of today’s way of life, many people don’t sleep as much as they should be. It not only causes mental but also physical problems and effects our health. Great post!


  19. No kidding there, from somebody who suffers from sleep deprivation a good nights sleep makes such a difference.


  20. A decent nights sleep is like magic! It’s sooo benefit for the mind, body and soul. I always try and get 8 hour every night


  21. I too have very poor sleep due to insomnia. I agree that I feel more rested when I have a better night of sleep and you are right that it leads to better emotional control x

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  22. Sleep is so important. I have been suffering from insomnia for a really long time and I can’t tell you how much it sucks. When I get one night of good sleep I cherish it and feel so much better the next day.

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  23. I totally agree! Gosh, when I’m missing out on sleep I get totally grumpy and lacking on energy. Thank you for the highlight!

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  24. Sleap its natural meditation . Now I tried to sleap as early as I can every night and during the day ( afternoon time ) as many as I can in a week . Same as you self , not only 3 days almost 10 years working on the cruise ship . I wasn’t have enogh sleap every night but I am still lucky that my sleaping problem don’t course serious problem with my health condition . Because I am a very healthy person , no smoke , no coffee ( sometimes , perhaps once in a week ) , no alcohol ,no soda drink and doing a lot of exercise . Instead of coffee or tea I drink natural red ginger tea every morning and almost everyday drink young coconut in a day time .

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  25. Sleep is such a necessity for our physical and mental health. Unfortunately, I usually don’t get enough of it. Great post!

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  26. That’s precisely why it is stressed that one should avail proper sleep

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  27. I desperately need more sleep but since having twins I only sleep a couple hours a night…

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