How A Better Sleep Benefits You

Last week has been spent with the least sleep possible and I can’t say I had the best time ever. 

After a night full of work aaand some Netflix afterwards – I would wake up and feel tired and just not motivated for the day. A part of my body was still asleep.

Now if I remember in 2016 November ish — I had 3 days with no sleep due to the first night shifts I have ever had. I’m not able to get 8 hours of sleep during the day, it’s just my body that thinks it’s not right, and he’s right. On the 3rd day. I snapped and I couldn’t control my emotions anymore. I told somebody to f**k themselves too (I’m sorry again lol – he was annoying anyway).

After those 3 days have ended I had 2 days off in a row aaaand I fell asleep the morning after I got home and I slept for 18 hours straight. Crazy right?! I know that’s not the healthiest thing I’ve done but it’s over! And I’m glad I can share this experience with you all 🙂 

After this lesson, I can proudly tell you a few benefits that a good night’s sleep will give you:

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#1 Emotional Control & Better Mood

When you’re rational you know it’s not ok to just snap at somebody for no reason but when you’re tired you just do it and you just feel bad afterward. I person I snapped in front of was my coworker but in your cause, it could be your wife, kid, parents — it’s just not worth it.

You’re gonna be able to control your emotions way more and you’ll be in a better mood overall. 

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#2 Better Thinking & Memory

After my 3 days with no sleep, I don’t think I was able to make any important decision or solve logical/math problems as fast as I do when well rested. 

A good night’s sleep will help you focus which automatically helps you memorize important stuff that you may or may not forget when sleep deprived. 

Creativity is also a part of the equation — less sleep you get less creative you are, and it makes sense. Creativity is a different process that occurs in your brain but when you’re sleep deprived and obviously can’t think as good — you can’t be as creative either.

#3 Better Health

The better your sleep is, the better your immune system is. But not only that, insufficient sleep has been found to be linked with heart diseases or diabetes. 

Those things happen after years of not sleeping well but better safe than sorry!