Island In A Lake

I was out and about walking as per usual on the same walking trail. I was with a friend at this time and he wanted to show me a new and better walking trail so I just went for it. We crossed the hill and to be honest I was quite scared as of there could have been dangerous animals or something… However, we still kept on walking.

A few steps more and I see a beautiful lake surrounded by trees and greenery overall. It seems kinda cool at first but I go near and near and  I see that the lake has a small island, with a bench on it!! Tumblr much!? 

Took this occasion to have a photoshoot over there! 🙂

Photo 12-07-2017, 06 14 28.jpg

Photo 12-07-2017, 06 21 02Photo 12-07-2017, 05 45 40Photo 12-07-2017, 05 48 47Photo 12-07-2017, 05 52 39Photo 12-07-2017, 06 02 58