How To Detach Yourself From Negativity

Whether it’s on the Internet or real life — negativity can take over your life and keep you from living.

Detachment is a spiritual practice that most people do unconsciously but once you understand it, you can learn to manage it and live a stress-free life. Whenever you are overwhelmed with emotions, you become stressed as well because you are trying to rationalize those emotions. In this case, I would cut myself off and just ‘look’ at the emotions flowing without trying to rationalize anything.



Detachment has been seen as an unhealthy habit because you are repressing those emotions… however the kind of detachment I’m trying to show you is the one that keeps you present, you are not repressing any emotions but letting it flow through your body while observing it.

I don’t actually apply detachment only when I feel an intense emotion that can lead to stupid actions — but also when somebody says something negative about me. When I hear it, it’s my choice to identify myself with what that person said. Instinctively, most people would identify themselves with what somebody says about them but it’s an actual choice and all you have to do is to emotionally separate yourself from what they said.

Whenever I have to detach myself from something, this is what I do:


Thoughts and feelings DO NOT represent you. They are just some processes of the brain. If you get a bad haircut, you’re not gonna say.. ‘Hey I am a bad haircut’.. same as when you feel angry, it’s not correct to say that you ARE angry, you just feel angry. You are angry if you act on it though. Identifying the feeling and admitting it, is gonna give you control over it and you’ll be able to choose whether it’s ok to act on it or ignore it.

At the end of the day, you have to realize that it’s ok not to be ok. Nothing is ever certain and you may move in circles for long times. As I said, emotions are messengers — you get an information and then your brain processes and releases the messenger that suits that information based on what you already know.

Following your heart is a thing — but training your heart will save you time and will also take you to better places 🙂