Electric Kingdom Madness #VVatEC

I have a couple more pictures to share with you from the Electric Castle festival before I end up my annual’s series of posts!

The first time I’ve been at the Electric Castle was last year and it was truly love at first sight. Also this year they have given me the press access again so I can do some content there (I did videos and took lots of pictures).

As I was saying, love at first sight. I got to meet so many wonderful people that I had the chance to meet again this year, I’ve also made new friends that helped me take pictures (thanks Mihnea and Ella).

Besides all the socialization thingy, Electric Castle is literally giving me the best vibes and it inspires me a lot in creating content for the Internet.

Thank you Electric Castle for the best time ever and see you again next year! ❤ 


Photo 13-07-2017, 20 44 12.jpg

Vlad vaida.jpg
Taken by Mihnea Ratte



© Mihnea Ratte
Taken by Mihnea Ratte
© Mihnea Ratte
Taken by Mihnea Ratte