3 Things Cool Guys Do

We all wanna be cool but I’m always wondering… why do people think that ‘cool’ is something that is ‘set’ by the society? 

Let me tell you something, being fake is not cool. Smoking or drinking is also not cool.

So, how do you become cool?! Simple. Just be yourself.

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Here are some things that cool people do:

#1 They Don’t Try Hard

As I told you, being cool is almost equal to being yourself. When you are acting naturally, your words, your tone of your voice is felt and has a bigger impact on those who listen to you. One thing that can help you here is detachment. By detaching yourself, you will be able to act cool as of your emotions will be out of the equation.

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#2 They Are Humans

Acting emotionally detached is great — BUT! Cool people know when to drop it and act using their emotions as well, that’s when relationships with other people are being created 🙂 

You can do this by showing some vulnerability and show the other person that they can trust you so they can also open up to you.

Make others feel important by being an active listener. Seriously, don’t just focus on what your answer or reaction will be, try to also understand what the other person is trying to tell you. 

#3 Break The Rules

This advice can be fashion or even life-related. Don’t overthink what you wanna say instead just say it.

Style is a general word — people have their own style but not really, everybody is mostly following what others say whether it’s magazines, blogs or designers. What you can do is add something you like or just do your thing totally and modify everything.

You can also break some rules by not overthinking what you wanna say instead just say it. You don’t wanna waste anyone’s time by pretending to be somebody you are not — if you want a long lasting relationship you gotta be real, so, start talking about whatever the heck you want whether it’s the first date or not. If they are your friend/soulmate, they will handle it.

#4 Fake it til you make it

Walk in a room pretending that everyone likes you. No, I’m not saying that you should pretend you’re better than anyone else. All I’m saying is that just pretend that they like you enough to hold a conversation with you.

This way of thinking makes you act more warmly and natural. If you’re a social pessimist, you are also vulnerable as of you’re thinking always about what could go wrong in socialization which makes you act in an unnaturally way, resulting in people moving away from you.

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#5 Add Accessories

Accessories are meant to highlight your personality. In my case, I would add a cool pair of sunnies and that would definitely boost my confidence! 

14 thoughts on “3 Things Cool Guys Do

  1. I especially love your tip of ‘fake it til you make it’ Sometimes in social situations I find myself with a lot of anxiety. If I remind myself to focus on other people, and ask them questions about themselves. It really helps. Also knowing that nobody is looking at me because they’re all worried about themselves. x

  2. Very good tips. I will let my sons read this. I don’t know what they really mean when they say, “I want to look cool for the party.” Well, this post did make me understand. Thanks!

  3. Agreed. We all seem to have this perception of what is ‘cool’ and some people seem to exude it more than we do. Ironically if we try and copy what they do we automatically become fake which is not good. It is always important to be yourself no matter what other people say!

  4. Oh it’s 5 tips for the price of 3, score, we got 2 for free! I feel these can also relate to ladies as well, they aren’t really exclusive to men. But I do believe they are very true, especially the ‘not trying hard’ part which is pretty much ‘being yourself’ and not overdoing it.

  5. The most interesting thing I heard here was the fake it until you make it thing. I think that’s true for a lot of people. We don’t always know what we are doing, but when we do it with confidence and gusto, that is cool

  6. Thanks for sharing, you have to be yourself and not worry what others think, nothing wrong with having a drink though!

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