How To Take Amazing Pictures Using Your Phone

Not everyone has access to expensive photography equipment, especially when you’re starting out as a blogger. The good thing is that the future is here and in 2017 you have so many less expensive options to take amazing pictures that you can’t say whether or not they were taken with a camera or your phone.

When I first started I had an iPhone 5 which is able to take amazing pictures if you know how to set the circumstances as of lighting and so on.

# Clean Your Lenses

I’m guilty of this to this day and I lost so many good photos opportunities just because my camera wasn’t 100% clean. Even a little bit of lint which builds up over time, can ruin the whole picture and you will realize this later when you are editing it or you’ll want to post it.

# Set Up The Shot

Always make sure you have natural light. Phones are not able to take pictures at high ISO speeds as DSLRs are and you will only take a grainy picture.

Avoid reflections or hot spots as of the rest of the picture is risked to be underexposed.

Also, make sure that you manually focus the shot to ensure that the subject is in focus! How many times did you take a picture just to realize that what you wanted to highlight was not well focused?

vlad vaida How To Take Amazing Pictures Using Your Phone.jpg
Taken using my phone + Snapseed

# Turn The Grid On

I personally didn’t know about this until this early 2017 – the rule of thirds! It’s all about the composition of the pictures! If all of your pictures are centered well, the viewer will be able to connect with the picture better!

The grid option should be available on the iPhone as well as on Android – just play in the camera settings and you should find it!

# Edit It

There are tons of apps in the App Store or Play Store, that you could use to process your picture and make it more ‘your style’ rather than leaving it how it is. I personally upload them to Dropbox, Airdrop or email them to myself – and I try to edit them a little bit on Photoshop.

I also use some apps like Afterlight, Facetune, Snapseed or VSCO!

# Get Camera Lenses

I know what you’re thinking, camera lenses are for DSLRs – well, there are camera lenses for phones as well (and they are doing an amazing job)! Below you’ll see a pic taken using 8x Zoom camera lense.

vlad vaida How To Take Amazing Pictures Using Your Phone

# Make Sure You Take It At The Right Time

If you’re taking an outfit picture outside, make sure it’s during the golden hour (1 hour after the sunrise or 1 hour before the sunset) so you’ll achieve a much better image.

This rule applies regardless you’re using a camera or a phone!

*How are you taking pictures for your blog?