How Is Your Morning Routine Going To Make You More Successful

Morning routines set the tone of your whole day — take advantage of that and make your day ROCK! You can’t really control what happens during the day, but you can control how you start or end the day like. To be honest, I’m 20 years old and up until being 19ish, I have never considered myself to be a morning person, but, I discovered that mornings can be the best part of the day if you plan it right! 

Up until I was done with high school (18 years old ish) – I would wake up at 6 am, skip breakfast, rush to school and then feel sluggish! This kind of routine is actually pretty toxic because you’re not gonna get done many things during the day because you feel too overwhelmed.

Now that I’m just in college (my courses are mostly afternoon) and blogging — I’m literally waking up at 6 am (almost) everyday and I get to enjoy what I’m doing so much more this way + I feel way more productive.

Now, people say that you shouldn’t be checking social media accounts in the morning or your email — but you can do what makes you feel great about yourself!

To become a morning person, you need to create habits that you will enjoy! First, I quit being a night owl and instead I tried to be an early riser — needless to say, this was the tough one because I couldn’t fall asleep as fast as I thought.

Don’t get mad at yourself if you just can’t wake up at 6 am when you’re first trying, it will come! 

# Plan your first 60 minutes of your day! As I was saying, you can’t control what happens during the day, but you can definitely control how you start the day. Also, having a solid good morning routine will reduce your mental fatigue and you’re less likely to take wrong decisions or be less disciplined.

Being disciplined will be on autopilot soon IF you keep doing positive tasks during the day — so if today you’re dreading to go to the gym, but you make yourself go, in about a month, you will go to the gym anyway because that’s what you gotta do.

The less you have to think about it, the more you’ll actually do it! 

# Morning routines keep you grounded and sane — you’re able to control your routine and by actually doing it, you’ll get a sense of control that keeps you on track. Set a goal and then do something about it in the morning — if your goal is to learn how do edit better on Photoshop, then try to do 20-30 minutes of that in the morning. Your brain is ‘fresh’, inspired and motivated and you’ll actually accumulate new skills this way better than if you would do the same thing at 12 pm.

William Blake said:

Think in the morning, act in the noon, read in the evening and sleep at night.

And it does make sense, as I was saying, think in the morning as your brain is nimble and ready to accumulate new information!


vlad vaida How Is Your Morning Routine Going To Make You More Successful