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How Going To The Gym Helps Your Blog

Going to the gym and blogging about fashion — you might think that those 2 things do not intersect. Well, they can actually help each other one way or another.

I personally use my blog as a creative outlet and I write whenever I feel inspired, however, as you’re leveling up and decide to monetize your blog — consistency in your blog and content is necessary if you want to build a community of people interested in you and what you write about. 

Being creative and feeling inspired to write isn’t a 24/7 thing, atleast for me. Just because I have some spare time, I may or may not feel sluggish at the same time, I just cannot bring myself to create anything for the Internet, I’m just not inspired enough to come with something up. Those are issues that us bloggers encounter a lot of times these days and this may also be called ‘burning out’.

Avoiding bloggers burnout is not really possible because it’s a step in the creative process I’d say. The difference is when and how each blogger gets over that burnout feeling and comes out fresh as never before.

Photo 24-08-2017, 14 09 12.jpg


So, Vlad, how going to the gym regularly will help my blog?

It’s very easy! Going to the gym will not only improve your image but it will also build your confidence which comes with high self-esteem, motivation, and inspiration that will keep your creative process going.

Here’s another thing, humans are competitive and LOVE to hit goals over and over again. Set fitness goals and smash them. Look at the big image – next year today, then split everything into projects (12 months, 12 projects), weekly goals, and why not daily goals (mine is hitting 10k steps a day).

Going to the gym helps you focus better (obviously) and it will also take your mind away from blogging and you kind of want that because when you’ll be coming back, you’ll be fresher than ever! Not only fresher but more creative and motivated.

And NO, you don’t have to spend hours and hours in the gym (or even go every day) — make a routine that works for you only. I personally go 3 times a week and stay for about an hour and a half! After I’m out, I feel very productive and my confidence is way higher!

So, working out is a nice, free, amazing way to make the creative process smoother and also a nice way to avoid a hard burnout feeling.

PS: You don’t even have to go to the gym, you can walk/run wherever you’d like whether it’s on your street or local park 🙂 

How do you get over a burnout feeling or get yourself into that creative mood?      Let me know in the comments below

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17 comments on “How Going To The Gym Helps Your Blog

  1. In total agreement with you there, buddy.


  2. I agree with you! I personally go to the gym as well and I always feel so much better after each session. Even if I work out hard, when I leave the gym, the energy levels are very high!


  3. I do agree with this, I workout regularly. Sometimes, while walking or jogging, I get creative thoughts on which post to write. I feel like having your own time throughout the day really matters.


  4. I can definitely see how going to the gym would be able to move one going in the right direction as far as getting over blogger burnout. Just the endorphins gives one a more positive outlook on things.


  5. Ahhh! Gym, Gym, Gym I need to start going the gym. My whole day passes just by sitting in front of my system which is not good at all. I need to start some workout.


  6. I started going to the gym this year, but I never thought it helped my blog! Great tips here, Vlad! Also, your Under Armor sneaker are awesome looking!


  7. lastchance3

    I’ve never thought of connecting these two. I took the summer off of writing to avoid blogger burnout, but I made sure to keep going to the gym each week.


  8. Interesting post. I am going to the gym to help my blog as I eventually plan to do fashion posts. I need to be confident in front of the camera.


  9. Yes blogging burnout is what I am facing nowadays. I really need a gym or some yoga classes to be fit and in shape. Thanks, for reminding me to do some exercise.


  10. This post was so inspiring Vlad. I am really struggling to get physically active, I’d love to do some walking/running every day but I guess I get super lazy every day. Your post is inspiring me to get up and get active.


  11. I personally never went to gym and preferred natural walks and exercises, but now I feel that Gym is must to have that proper shape!


  12. I fully believe that exercising every day helps with everything in life. It just keeps you more motivated, happy, and energetic!


  13. I’m also not the type that goes to fitnesstudios. But I have a row gear that I use sometimes. My girlfriend goes regularly into the fitness studio and is thus also happy.


  14. ludbritt1591

    I haven’t gone to a gym in a long time. I’m not the type of person who enjoys the gym atomsphere. I prefer to workout at home. I did gain weight from when I was pregnant with my daughter. So I want to start to work out more, just finding the time is kind of difficult for me. Awesome post.


  15. Looks like I need to join a gym then!! I am so useless when it comes to exercise, I have every excuse under the sun. Must try harder!


  16. First of all I like your site! It looks nice and clean! Yes I do agree that exercise helps you in life becauce you will feel so much bettee and when you feel better you are motivated!


  17. I need to get back to the gym! I have been paying monthly to use it to inspire me to go but never find the time and am wasting money!


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