Gallerist x Vlad Vaida

If you’re a blogger that wants to earn some extra cash by selling photos, the Gallerist app is for you!

Gallerist is the perfect place where you can sell your original photos — have you ever taken a bunch of pictures JUST for one blog post, however, you still weren’t able to use them somewhere else?! Because I’ve been there.

With Gallerist, somebody else can use those pictures you don’t need and bonus for you, you can get some extra Starbucks coffees with that extra cash in your pocket. Or maybe more.

vlad vaida gallerist sponsored

How does gallerist work? 

# Simple, just download the app from the AppStore or Google Play

# Create a new account with your email or sign in using Twitter/Facebook (I do that, I don’t have patience with the email haha)

# Once you’re signed in, decide what you wanna be, a seller or a buyer. That’s where the fun starts 😉 

# Once you upload your picture, the app will show a preview to protect your work and the author (you).

# You can sell the photos in 2 different ways — direct purchase or through an online auction. 

(the app is available in English, Spanish and Italian)


So what do you think? Are you ready to rock it? Join Gallerist today!

Buzzoole*This post is Sponsored by Gallerist*